Overheard at President Trump’s Inauguration

Well, it’s official: Donald Trump is The President of the United States. And while I’m sure all of you spent Friday, January 20th making signs for the Women’s March watching the inauguration ceremony, here are some of the best “Overheard at Inauguration” moments that you may have missed, courtesy of your friends here at 4E.

1. “Donald Trump, have my babies!”
-Yelled by a teenage boy during the Oath of Office

2. “This is the best day of my life!”
-A man without a jacket in the midst of the pouring rain

3. “I knew he was going to be President ever since the first time I  watched The Apprentice.

4. “Wait, I thought Ivanka was Trump’s wife?”

5. “If I knew he was going to win, I don’t think I would have voted for him.”

*as it started to rain*

6. Girl in the Crowd: “Rain Drop!”
Group of Trump Supporters: “Drop Top!”

As evidenced by that last one, there is still some good left in the world.  In the meantime, feel free to comment your own “Overheard” moments in the comments section below, because remember, there is (sadly) a good chance that the Leader of the Free World is reading this article as we speak!

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Georgetown Buildings and the Hoyas You Find in Them

Welcome back to the Hilltop, Hoyas! With the first full weeks of classes upon us, you are likely still navigating your way to new buildings and classes, trying to get the hang of your new schedule. From debatably fictitious buildings like Maguire (pro-tip: it’s connected to Healy), to St. Mary’s – located even farther away than Darnall, to the labyrinth affectionately known as the ICC, to spaces within buildings that have their own designations (Sellinger Lounge?) – Georgetown seems to pride itself on the complexity of its campus layout. Alongside simply figuring out where your classes are and how you can get to them, you should also know the secrets required to assimilate into each building’s culture. Fear not—4E presents you with a quick analysis of the types of people that characterize some of the most popular buildings on campus.

Regents Hall

If the students around you look like they spent the night here, it is probably because they did. The aesthetic is pants, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes, easily accessorized with lab goggles and a white coat. Lab chic, amiright? Safety is beauty. You know that you are in the right place if you are overhearing an excessive number of acronyms and words that may or may not be in the English language. Looking to fit in? Tell someone that you spent the afternoon doing a lab involving <insert long and complicated made-up word> acid.

Buzzwords: Erlenmeyer flask, formal lab report, pipette, preliminary plan of action, fume hood.


Making their way around one of Georgetown’s most iconic and confusing buildings are Bill Clinton-esque prodigies, people whispering to themselves in languages other than English and an understandably large number of people who are utterly lost. You will likely come across some upshot nice students engaged in a heated argument with a PhD-armed professor who is kindly indulging their arrogant interesting ideas.

Buzzwords: proficiency test, pro-seminar, Map of Modern World, and an excessive number of acronyms that are oddly pronounced as words (STIA [stee-yah], IPEC [eye-peck], IPOL [eye-pole], IECO [echo???]) so as to fool all of us common folk not in the SFS [ess-effffffffU-ess].


You will feel immediately self-conscious upon entering the looming home of the infamous MSBros (and betches!). Surrounded by suit-clad students, you are well aware that you should have worn something other than your go-to cozy Lau-fit for class. Is one’s understanding of “Business Casual” attire considered in the business school admissions process? Very likely, yes.

While you may have been “shhh-ed” merely upon entering the MSB and your new MSBuds might be a little intimidating, don’t worry – underneath their layers of unnecessary dress clothes, the Georgetown MSB-ers tend to be friendly and dependable.

Buzzwords: finance (pronounced: “fen-ants”), interest rates, money and internship.


Upon first glance, the inhabitants of Reiss may seem a little downtrodden: under-eye bags are all the rage, the parade in and out of large pre-med lectures appears slightly ominous and students are carting around textbooks large enough to justify foregoing weightlifting at Yates. However, look a little further and you’ll see students passionately gesticulating to each other to explain cool biological processes. You may even find new friends in the peaceful science-nerd oasis commonly known as the Blommer Research Library. Under Reiss’s crumbling (and questionably earthquake safe) façade is a group of passionate, dedicated and proudly nerdy individuals.

Buzzwords: pre-med prereq.’s, Born-Haber Cycle, R-group interactions, electronegativity, proof and lecture-capture.

Car Barn

The designation “CBN” on student schedules is sure to elicit groans as Car Barn is a full FOUR minutes farther than any other location on our ENORMOUS campus (sarcasm aside, I am groaning along with you all).

There are two primary types of Hoyas to be found in the infamous Car Barn. The first category of students is there for Einstein Bagel’s. A large number of students might be observed double-fisting bagels, eager to use a meal swipe at Einstein’s and substitute a bagel AND a smoothie for Leo’s questionable scrambled eggs.

The second group of Hoyas is involved in a Study Abroad program. You will find students excitingly chattering about their experiences studying or plans to study in exotic locations. My personal theory is that the Office of Global Education chose their Car Barn location knowing full well that students who recently spent time on the other side of the globe think nothing of walking a few blocks off of campus.

Buzzwords: strawberry-banana smoothie, “toasted, please,” language requirement and study proposal form.

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How to Throw the Perfect Inauguration Day Party

January 20th 2017 is an important date for two reasons. First, it marks the inauguration of our nation’s 45th President and ushers in a new and unprecedented era in American history. Secondly, and much more importantly, it’s an official Georgetown University holiday, which means that we all get to be MSB students for a day and share in the luxurious experience of having no Friday classes! So if you’re searching for a fun way to spend your day off, look no further: we here at 4E have got you covered with some tips and tricks for the perfect Inauguration Day party.

Find the perfect spot to host

When you’re searching for the right place to throw your Inauguration Day bash, we recommend you choose a different location from wherever you hosted your Election Night party a few months ago- after all, nothing ruins a good party faster than terrifying flashbacks! Your best bet in terms of location is definitely the Village A rooftop. While you can’t really see the Capitol building from the roof, you can see the Washington Monument, which we all know provides the perfect patriotic background for that inevitable Inauguration Day Instagram, which you’ll probably post with an original, hilarious caption like #MakeAmericaLITagain

Invite some VIPs

To quote our next President, your party can’t be full of “losers and haters,” so when it comes to making your guest list, be sure to go the extra mile. Actually, you don’t even have to go a whole mile- just walk the few blocks to John Kerry’s house and invite him to your awesome party. He obviously can’t RSVP to your Facebook event for security reasons, so your safest bet is definitely to just go knock on his door and ask him face to face. His secret service agents totally won’t mind as long as you remember to extend the invitation to them as well. In the meantime, wander around campus and you’ll probably run into frequent Dahlgren Chapel-attendee, Joe Biden, or Georgetown’s favorite son and America’s favorite almost-first-husband, Bill Clinton. And after this election cycle, these guys are definitely ready to kick back and party, so be sure to toss an invite their way.

Make a playlist

No Inauguration Day party would be complete without the musical stylings of Trump’s new best friend, Kanye West. After the craziness known as the 2016 election, I don’t think any of us would even be surprised at this point if Kanye somehow ended up with a Cabinet position. In fact, we’re calling it now: we think a Trump/West 2020 ticket is in our future (in four years, remember you heard it here at 4E first!). And if Kanye’s ascent into the political arena is imminent, we must enjoy his musical genius while we still can. So at your party, be sure to “Runaway” from your fears about the next four years, ignore all those fake news stories and focus on the “Facts (Charlie Heat Version)” and remember that we can still be “Stronger” together even though Donald Trump will soon have all that “POWER” to “Run This Town.”

Choose beverages wisely

If you’re still feeling patriotic and want to make a political statement at your party, follow President Obama’s lead by enacting your own symbolic sanctions against Russia in the most college-way possible: boycotting Russian-brand vodka. In terms of what you can realistically afford, this basically means no Russian Standard and no Stolichnaya. Don’t worry, Smirnoff doesn’t count. If you’re looking for an alternative, we here at 4E recommend everyone’s favorite delicious (and American-made!) vodka, Burnett’s. For more information on this flavored poison refreshing beverage, check out some of our diligent research here.

There you have it: a few simple tips and tricks to make your Inauguration Day one to remember. And finally before we go, if you’re reading this, Mr. Trump (and based on your bizarre social media habits, there’s sadly good chance that you actually are), we wish you luck. Despite our differences, we hope that you prove us wrong and use these next four years to help lead our country in the right direction. But in the meantime, we here at 4E will continue to contribute to the “crooked media” by low key roasting you on a regular basis. Here’s to the next four years, neighbor.

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4E’s Guide to Spotting a Freshman

freshmanFreshman year is described as a “time of transition.” It is almost like a second awkward stage since you have to adjust to a completely different lifestyle (except hopefully you’re rocking a better haircut this time around). Perhaps the biggest “no-no” of being a freshman is looking like a freshman. Here are five obvious ways to spotting a freshman.

1. Still Reps Their High School Gear

Yes, your school might have provided you with endless Nike and Under Armor apparel, but perhaps this is best left at home so that you can pledge your allegiance to your new school: Georgetown University. On the other hand…

2. Wears Head to Toe Georgetown Clothing

We get it, you go here!!!! We know how hard you worked to get here and understandably, this comes with quite a bit of school pride. But maybe just pick the Georgetown sweatshirt and don’t go for the full on HoyaSaxa sweatsuit (including Georgetown hat and socks).

3. Wears a Lanyard with a Key Around Their Neck

Much like an ugly haircut during your awkward stage, this is simply a phase every freshman goes through. Learn from it and move on is all that I can say.

4. Actually Dresses Up for Class

No, this is not the Oscars, nor is it another Kardashian wedding. This is class (i.e. a time to catch up on sleep learn). You do not need to wear the finest clothing in your wardrobe. Please take note that athleisure is a trend people!

5. Only Travel in Packs

Have you ever seen a freshman by himself/herself? Probably not. There is safety in numbers and freshmen simply have not learned the concept of independence. We get it! You’re new here and don’t want to look stupid alone. We promise no one is judging what you’re doing; we’re all too busy worrying about whether or not Kim Kardashian will ever return to social media or if Brad Pitt will get more than a monthly visit with the kids.

If you spot a student with one (or all) of these attributes, you can be certain they are a freshman. But hey, go easy on freshmen: you either are living it or have lived through it. The same way you wouldn’t want 4E to investigate your middle school years, freshmen don’t want to be ostracized by their older, significantly cooler peers.

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An Interview with Bossier

Bossier Interview

Last month, a group of Georgetown students launched Bossier – “a student magazine on campus that is devoted to promoting discourse about women’s issues and publishing work by women.” The creators of the magazine Tiffany Tao & Michele Dale, came up with the idea of Bossier because they thought it was something lacking from Georgetown.


To learn more about Bossier – pronounced BOSS-ee-ay – I sat down with the creators. Before reading this interview (and of course after reading this interview and every couple of days), I suggest you check out the ‘zine. (-zine is short for magazine, don’t worry it took me 20 minutes to figure it out too).

The interview began with some biographical information. Both Tiffany and Michele are SFS ’19 and share the same favorite professor – Lahra Smith who taught their freshman proseminar where they met. Michele is from New York and plans to major in STIA and Tiffany hails from New Hope, PA and will major in CULP.

They decided to create Bossier, because they thought it filled a space on campus that was missing: the creative side of the female experience. It has the potential to connect professional lives, as well as personal interests. Tiffany added that they want a platform for different voices and to foster dialogue around issues. It’s a place where ideas can be shared, but not sanitized.


As the founders, they are obviously very excited for their baby to take off. Michele is pumped to read people’s submissions and see what Georgetown students will bring to the table. Tiffany can’t wait till the physical magazine itself is published next semester. The magazine, displaying students’ art, is itself a work of art. I know! I’m hype and you should be too!

For the last ~serious~ question, I wanted to know what Bossier meant to them. To Tiffany, it is the club that was missing from her freshman year. A community with similar interests and different ways of expressing them with a platform to do so. Michele, sees it as incredibly touching to watch people’s reactions to the platform and to see what members of the community want to share. Both are excited to provide this platform and give students a creative outlet.

Now it’s time for some ~fun facts~ about the founders:
If Michele could be Tina Fey she would be. So naturally her favorite female lead in a TV show is Liz Lemon. She also loves Beyoncé (maybe Bossier could have an interview with her one day – just a suggestion). Tiffany loves Sandra Oh on Grey’s Anatomy, Cher from Clueless and the Spice Girls. This sounds like the dinner party of the year waiting to happen.

And finally some of their favorite authors.
Michele: Joan Diddion & including her work: Slouching Toward Bethlehem. She also loves Norah Ephron who has written works such as When Harry Met Sally. Tiffany agrees with Michele’s choices and is a big fan of the bloggers Rebbeller Leandra Nedine and Emily Weiss.

So if you haven’t already checked Bossier out, 4E suggests you put off studying for that midterm a little longer, and check it out.

Note: Anyone is welcome to submit, so if you are considering, they both highly encourage it.

GIFs/Photos: giphy.com, facebook.com, bossiermag.com

Pokémon Go: Georgetown Edition

Pokemon Go

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent most of your summer outdoors since the release of Pokémon Go. Pokémania has swept through the nation, including the Hilltop. Besides the obvious (and painful) sunburn I’ve acquired, I have managed to catch a fair amount of Pokémon over the summer. Campus is a great place to go ~pokéhunting~, and as an avid Pokémon player since 2001, I feel qualified enough to be 4E’s best “poké-safari” leader, and thus present to you the best places to catch Pokémon on campus:


Leo’s: Other than the hungry hoards of Georgetown students, you can find some cool Pokémon here. Legend has it if you remain in Leo’s for all three meals, at late night, the super powerful Alakazam will appear (already equipped with spoons).


However, most of the time you will only find a Rattata scurrying near the plate return.


New South: You will find hoards and hoards of Pidgey. They will be packed into one of the rooms, from head to toe. Just Pidgeys. Take caution while searching, as the Pidgeys stuff the dorm rooms entirely so that the oxygen is mostly replaced by sweat. Upon opening the door, they may tumble out all at once. However, it has been passed down through the years of New South residents that a super-powered Pidgeot will make itself known to only the most worthy pregame host. Those pregame hosts that try and fail will only be left with a dirty room, empties, and of course, a hoard of Pidgeys.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.53.43 PM

St. Mary’s: Home to the School of Nursing and Health Studies, you may be lucky enough to find a super rare Chansey.


Real af pokémasters know to continue into the mysterious St. Mary’s and climb to the top. Once deep inside the Computer Science department, one may make a sacrifice to the UIS Gods by lighting a UIS business card on fire – after which a Porygon is said to appear.200-1

McDonough School of Business: Go into the Rafik B. Hariri Building, climb to the fourth floor and enter into the Fisher Colloquium. You will find an abundance of Meowths. MSBros have been using the valuable coins on their heads for years, trading them on the stock market and using them for leverage on the investment banking recruiting cycle. Only you can save Meowth from the MSBros.


Epi: You can find a Snorlax by the buffet sections, but only around 4:30 a.m. on the weekends. Therefore, Snorlax is only obtainable by the most dedicated and worthy Hoyas out there.

Gaston Hall: And finally, A Jynx can be found during late nights rehearsing on the stage of Gaston Hall. Rumor has it is that Jynx was rejected from every a cappella group on campus. Her wails can be heard from Dahlgren Chapel.


Happy hunting fellow trainers – as most of the time spent Pokéhunting on the Hilltop, you’ll just find Weedle.


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Real or Fake: Stall Seat Journal

Banner - SSJThis article isn’t about which GU bathrooms are the best (Regents) and which are the worst (Reiss), but about the treasures you find inside them: the Stall Seat Journal. Not to be confused with the Wall Street Journal, which is often also read in the bathroom, the Stall Seat Journal (SSJ) is filled with nuggets of knowledge and common sense for Georgetown students.

Freaked out about the flu and need some tips? Desperate to hear some #hoyarealtalk? Hiding from you ex in Lau 3 and need something to read while locking yourself up in the bathroom stall? SSJ has got you covered.

An avid SSJ fan, this reporter went undercover to investigate the old Stall Seat Journal archives, which are located behind the new edition of the SSJ because nobody actually throws them out.

Test your knowledge of advice given by the Stall Seat Journal with this quiz. One of the answers is a real piece of advice given from the Stall Seat Journal, the rest are made up by your friendly neighborhood SWUG who has not left her house for 29 hours.


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Reading Today’s Media: Starting the Dialogue for Young Women

Young Women MediaGiven the fact that you are reading 4E, it’s clear you care about accurate, hard-hitting stories written by Hoyas with incredible journalistic integrity. However, it’s probably safe to say you also read a lot of other publications. And some of these other publications, whether they be thought-piece posts you see on your Facebook newsfeed or magazines on the rack at Safeway, don’t give the most realistic representation of everyday life.

A lot of today’s media can prove to be especially negative towards a female audience, and two seniors in the Film and Media Studies minor have made it their mission to help start a dialogue and begin to change the way we perceive media. Alana Snyder (COL ’16) and Lauren Saar (COL ’16) are hosting a symposium this Friday, called Reading Today’s Media (Facebook event here), as the culmination of their Senior Capstone in the Film and Media Studies Program. We sat down with the two seniors to provide you with some more information on what should be an incredible day.

Q: So, what exactly is the RTM Symposium?

A: Reading Today’s Media: Starting the Dialogue for Young Women is a symposium at Georgetown University that seeks to show its attendees that something can be done regarding negative or inaccurate portrayals of women in the media.

Q: What inspired this project?

This project was inspired by my passion for starting events that seek to inspire, educate, and connect. I knew I wanted to host something around women in media but the focusing lens was something I hadn’t settled on until I joined forces with Lauren and her project, Authentic. Because Lauren already knew that she wanted to focus on the media’s inaccurate portrayal of women in magazines, specifically, that provided an easy jumping off point that led to the development of three awesome panels: Media Literacy as a Tool, Young Women as Targets in the Media, and Counter Representations.

Q: What kinds of speakers can we expect at this event?

A: The speakers at the symposium come from diverse backgrounds— some are Georgetown professors while others come from much further away, like Austin, TX. One major goal in planning the event was to cover four core bases: Media, Accessibility, Diversity, and Feminism. Each speaker helps us achieve this goal, from famed Georgetown Marketing Professor Ronald Goodstein, to the CMO of the Young Turks Network, Praveen Singh.
Q: How do we get tickets?
*****Tickets are available at the following link******:
They’ve been going fast so be sure to get your ticket before we run out!
Q: Can you speak a little about the blog, Authentic, which will also be launching with this event?
In line with RTM’s mission, Authentic is a digital magazine that challenges viewers to deconstruct and reconsider the values imposed by traditional women’s fashion and lifestyle publications.
Authentic celebrates what women already are as their authentic selves and allows them to speak on their own terms and passions. We promote strong, diverse, and authentic women regardless of age, race, shape, or background. Less of who you should be, more of who you are!
Q: Why should people be excited about RTM?
People should come to the symposium because it’s a chance to engage with a topic that is really just starting to pick up steam. Media literacy may not necessarily sound sexy but its something that is more necessary than ever. Come learn about media literacy, marketing, and counter representations from industry leaders and social influencers. This event is based on the collective experience of all three panels so people who attend have the chance to learn more in one day than they do in an entire semester.
Alana and Lauren have worked incredibly hard on this project for the year, and hopefully we will see a lot of you at the event on Friday!

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Quiz: Do You Recognize Georgetown’s Buildings?

georgetown quiz

With all of the construction around campus, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what campus looks like at any given point. See how Georgetown has changed over the years and see if you can still recognize parts of campus in this super ~fun~ quiz.

Photos: wahsingtoncitypaper.com

Down With the Hoverarchy

Banner - Hoverboards

Recently, students and faculty were informed of the administration’s decision to ban hoverboards on campus amidst fears that the devices’ lithium-ion batteries can be faulty and cause fires. Students expressed a variety of emotions and opinions on this subject, via Georgetown Confessions on Facebook. Take a look:

confessions 1

confessions 2

confessions 3

But fear not, Hoyas! Though you may not be able to “hover” around campus, there are other ways to get around. We at 4E have come up with a list of some alternatives to hoverboard travel that are equally as cool and will make everyone jealous. And until they are banned, they are ~absolutely~ fair game…

  1. Moon Shoes. The 90s did everything right, including footwear. You can bounce from one class to the next in your hip, neon and black bounce-tastic shoes.

moon shoes

2. Heelys. Have you really ever lived if you haven’t worn a pair of heelys? Perhaps not, but you’re probably safe from the skinned knees and angry store owners trying to kick you out of their stores to avoid the liability of you falling!


3. Hamster Ball. Not so practical for navigating through tight spaces, but then again, you can bulldoze anybody in your way.

hamster ball

4. Pogo Ball. A classic, revamped. This contraption allows you to bounce around at your own pleasure, deftly hopping over anything in your path. Usually intended for ages 6-10, but whose counting?

pogo ball

5. Orbit Wheels. Looks like either the best thing to ever come out of the Skymall magazine, or an inadvertent split waiting to happen.

oribit wheels

Please note: while all of these things are cool already, they become 1000x cooler when they are banned on campus.

Happy Traveling!


Photos: amazon.com, facebook.com, heelys.com, skymall.com, thisiswhyimbroke.com, cnet.com