Seniors Take Over 4E!


It is that time of year again, graduation is approaching incredibly fast and the weather is just getting better and better. Soon, the Hilltop will be losing some of our favorite students to the “real world”. What even is that?


Wait, are you one of these people? Are you a senior? Do you bleed “Class of ’15” and remember a time before the Heal Fam Stu Cen?!

If so, 4E wants you to be a contributor! Over the next few weeks we will be writing a series of senior-focused posts and we need your input to make them accurate.

Interested? Fill out this form with some answers. We swear they are fun and the perfect way to procrastinate in Lau.


Courtney Klein

Courtney Klein

Courtney "Coco" is 4E's former ~fabulous~ Senior Editor from Long Guy-land. She enjoys Netflix, polaroids and obnoxious monograms. When Courtney is not bloggin' away, she can be found chasing the #insta all over the District.If given the choice between Guac and Nutella, she would promptly throw herself on the floor and cry.
Courtney Klein

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