Selfie City – Population, You.

As it’s finals time, this post was supposed to be about your study habits – what does where you study say about you? What part of your deeper character is revealed in your decision to sit in a Lau 4 cubicle? To be honest, I don’t know but I don’t know if I particularly care. I’d say your choice to study on Lau 4 means you go to Georgetown, take your work somewhat seriously and don’t like loud noises when you read your textbooks – you and 6500 other undergrads.

So instead, I’m going rogue – trying something different. So, what do you like? You like taking pictures of yourself. The iPhone 4 reversible camera feature and the Snapchat app have significantly improved your ability to procrastinate, and for some of you, your quality of life.

That’s legit. It’s fun. What’s better than sticking carrots in your mouth, pretending to be a walrus, and then sending it to your 23 best SnapChat friends for a few seconds – or 10 seconds, if you’re that guy.

So, here’s my idea. You’re studying, bumming out, being generally unproductive, seeking refuge in Leo’s, taking SnapChats, etc, so take a break. Send me a selfie. I want to see your face, or your friends face – but make sure it’s cool with them.

The five best submissions will be published on this highly trafficked blog this weekend. Impress me. I took a selfie with my oral surgeon (on drugs) after my wisdom tooth surgery so my expectations are high.

Additionally, I’ll note that bribes are accepted. I’ll be in Lau and/or the Leavey Center through Friday afternoon. I like salsa, sports games and mix CDs. I’ll be wearing what I wore yesterday, and the day before that. Please email submissions, by Friday, to:

Show me what you got.

Kate Wellde

Kate Wellde is a Georgetown junior. She loves cats and hates haters.

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