Real or Fake: Stall Seat Journal

Banner - SSJThis article isn’t about which GU bathrooms are the best (Regents) and which are the worst (Reiss), but about the treasures you find inside them: the Stall Seat Journal. Not to be confused with the Wall Street Journal, which is often also read in the bathroom, the Stall Seat Journal (SSJ) is filled with nuggets of knowledge and common sense for Georgetown students.

Freaked out about the flu and need some tips? Desperate to hear some #hoyarealtalk? Hiding from you ex in Lau 3 and need something to read while locking yourself up in the bathroom stall? SSJ has got you covered.

An avid SSJ fan, this reporter went undercover to investigate the old Stall Seat Journal archives, which are located behind the new edition of the SSJ because nobody actually throws them out.

Test your knowledge of advice given by the Stall Seat Journal with this quiz. One of the answers is a real piece of advice given from the Stall Seat Journal, the rest are made up by your friendly neighborhood SWUG who has not left her house for 29 hours.



Keaton O'Neil

Keaton O'Neil

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