Quiz: How Romantic Are You? The Georgetown Edition

Banner - RomanticLove is like a shower in Darnall: it’s not always as hot or consistent as you would like, but it has its warm patches that make it worthwhile.

Whether you’re someone’s BAE, BAE-less, or on avid BAE-watch, we all need a little love on the Hilltop. In honor of V-day, find out how romantic you are by taking this objective quiz.

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Keaton O'Neil

Keaton O'Neil

Keaton O'Neil is a graduate of the College from the exotic land of Massachusetts. Her special talents include taking up to 8 Chewy bars in a single Grab-n-Go swipe and sleeping until 2pm. Her life goal is to make a shoe store for lonely people called "Baeless" that sells single shoes, because why does everything have to come in pairs, ya know?
Keaton O'Neil

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