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Word Wednesday: Zombieing

Lemme guess. You woke up last Friday, armed with a Saxby’s iced coffee and ready to take on a heavy-lifting day of …

hideen treasures of epi

Hidden Treasures of Epi

It’s the place where all nights end. It’s the place where multiple people puke bond in the bathroom on a weekly basis. …

Coachella Post

How To Coachella In Your Dorm

According to various social media feeds and your BFF Lauren’s insta account who decided to go to college in SoCal, Coachella starts …

Banner - BrownHouse

An Ode To Brown House

For those of you who haven’t yet heard some of the worst news to ever arrive to a Georgetown student’s ears, Brown …

Banner - Dance Last

Last Chance Dance!

This year, the Senior Class Committee is bringing back a Hoya Tradition titled “The Last Chance Dance”. As such, you may be …


Word Wednesday: HAUNTING

4E is here to keep its readers hip and in the loop.  So, if you haven’t already heard, the new word on …