Okay, What Even Is Curling?

what is curlingWith the Olympics going on, I know you’re all wondering it. When curling begins, immediate confusion commences.


As much as we like to pretend we know what is happening, it’s a lot easier just to make up different explanations for why the people are doing what they’re doing. Trying to actually comprehend the sport gets pretty frustrating.

davidHere are my thoughts when I first watched curling:

Is that ice? Are they on ice? Why is there a big target painted onto it?  tumblrcrlHere come some people with brooms. Must be the maintenance staff. Wait. Those are the athletes? 


Is that a big rock? Where did they find rocks with handles on them?


Oh, okay. They’re going to push the rock. I guess this is kind of like bowling. 


Okay, she pushed the rock. She is still holding the rock. LET GO OF THE ROCK!


There you go. Now we’re talking! Wait, are they mopping the floor? Why are they sweeping the ice? Is it dirty? That is one high-maintenance rock… 



curling3Okay the rock stopped moving. Now what? They’re just walking away? Did they even score a point? A touchdown? A goal? 


Truthfully, curling is an intense and competitive sport with a lot of strategy involved. Also, nobody actually understands it.


If you want to be less confused and/or actually understand curling, try reading about it here. Until then, wonder on, my friends.


Photos: babble.com; gifs: tumblr, pandawhale.com, mojomotors.com, picgifs.com

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Camille Dirago

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