Manly Monday: Sweater Weather


Sweater weather is upon us, and with it comes a wide variety of seasonal attire. Buddy the Elf once theorized that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is “singing loud for all to hear”. As much as I respect Buddy, I’m going to have to disagree on this one. Without a doubt, the best way to spread Christmas glee is flaunting sweaters for all to see.


For those of you who are concerned about your masculinity during the holiday season, have no fear. If Ron Swanson can wear holiday sweaters, then you certainly can wear holiday sweaters.

Here are some of our favorite looks

At 4E, we don’t like to use the term ugly. We find it counter-productive. Instead, let’s just go with the term “festive”. So if you’re feeling festive, then you really can’t go wrong with a knit cardigan over a turtle neck. A look like that just screams with confidence.

If they’re the same color, then congratulations. You’ve reached a new level of festive.

Speaking of confidence, why not just ditch the turtle neck? Try wearing this bold look during finals if you’re looking to leave a strong exit statement. You never know, it could be the new fashion craze.


The only better way to spread the cheer than holiday sweaters? Well-coordinated group sweaters. Obviously. celebrities-ugly-christmas-sweaters--large-msg-135447913104

So get out there, find some festive sweaters and spread some Christmas cheer by showing off the sweaters you wear.


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