Manly Monday: Food Challenges of DC and 4E


Feeling Manly? Prove it. It is well known that you’re not a true, musky hunk until you’ve shown your worthiness by your ability to devour food. So, here are some food challenges around D.C. for any real man to conquer.

Nine-pound burger at BGR, The Burger Joint
Apparently this is one of the harder ones out there. Couldn’t imagine why. There’s a prize too: if you finish eating this giant, it’s a free burger for you. If you can’t finish it, I believe it’s about $100.

DC’s Dog Central Challenge
For this one, you’ll need to eat 3-foot-long hotdogs with chili and two additional toppings, some fries, onion rings and a 20 oz. fountain drink. You’ve got a limited time (25 minutes) and a prize (ten dollars). But if you don’t finish it, you have to pay 25 dollars. Good luck and show your masculinity. Remember the champion:

Hamilton’s Fatboy Burger Challenge
Another burger one here, and it isn’t easy. You pay $25 for a seven patty burger. A free shirt shall be your prize. Are you man enough?

And finally… *drum roll*

The Ultimate 4E Challenge!!!
Three Wisey’s Hot Chick sandwiches in one sitting. Be the Georgetown Man you were meant to be. Send us a tweet @thehoya4e with evidence (pics or it didn’t happen) and we’ll write a post about why you’re an amazing human being! DISCLAIMER: This challenge is open to men and women because everybody likes to chow down and everybody likes to be blog-famous.

So get out there! Enjoy Manly Monday and eat because that’s what real men do.


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