Madeleine Albright Also Digs Leslie Knope


Madeleine Albright — she’s just like us. Well, insofar as that she’s also a fan of Leslie Knope, the quirky former city councilwoman of Pawnee played by Amy Poehler on “Parks and Recreation.” The former Secretary of State and current Georgetown professor gave both Poehler and her beloved character a shoutout earlier this week in a tweet that would surely make Knope squeal with joy.

Madeleine, you’re not alone. We love Leslie too. And Leslie, we agree, just keep doing what you’re doing — we just hope that autographed portrait somehow makes its way into the show’s upcoming seventh season.

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Ian Tice

Ian Tice

Ian Tice is a graduate of the College who majored in economics and French with a business administration minor. He was The Hoya's online editor.
Ian Tice

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