Likes/Dislikes – The Harlem Shake


1. It’s short - 30 seconds I can do. Anything much longer and something shiny has captivated my attention.

2. It’s easy - So, I don’t think I’ll ever really get the Dougie, but the Harlem Shake – or whatever the hell they’re doing in that video – is something I can definitely do. #seeyouatBandolero

3. It’s weird -


1. It sounds a little bit like a stereo breaking after 30 seconds - too negative? Sry.

2. Ugh, got too big, too quickly. Where my hipsters at? - But seriously, is every girl and her play-date coming home from school to record a Harlem Shake video for YouTube today? No más! It was funny the first four times, but after the 22nd, I’m kind of over it.

3. Urban Dictionary “Harlem Shake” (or click here)

Photo By: FunMole

Kate Wellde

Kate Wellde is a Georgetown junior. She loves cats and hates haters.

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