It’s October 3


While this should be stating the obvious, today is OCTOBER 3! If you don’t immediately know the reason for my excitement, then:

go home

Just kidding, sort of. October 3 is the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady “What day it is?” in Mean Girls. To celebrate the amazingness that is Mean Girls, and the fact that it’s a Saturday, we’ve put together a little drinking game for your enjoyment.

Take a drink when:

  • Someone mispronounces Cady’s name
  • Someone gets hit by a bus
  • Someone calls Karen stupid


  • Jason asks Cady about her muffin
  • Janis crosses off an item on the blackboard
  • Kevin G sings
  • There are animal noise voice-overs


  • There is a three-way call
  • Glen Coco gets candy canes
  • There is a safe sex lecture


  • Mrs. Norbury is self-deprecating
  • The burn book comes out

Finish your drink when:

oct. 3rd

With this game it’s impossible not to have an amazing October 3. Now that you’ve finished, the question is:


Remember to please drink responsibly! Happy October 3.


Sydney Bolling

Sydney Bolling

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