I Liked That Guy on Tinder

photo-1Remember Draw Something? Did you ever Scramble with Friends? SnapChat? It seems like there’s always an app of the moment, no?

I have a new one for you — I might go as far to say the new one for you. It’s called Tinder — an app where you can find people within a certain mile radius of you and “like” or “not like” each other based on the four pictures you can see of them and your shared interests on Facebook. Let’s get superficial and judge each other based on our looks! Great idea! Yeah!

Tinder takes some of your Facebook information — first name, mutual friends, four profile pictures, and your interests (music, movies, sports teams) — and then shows you a series of men or women (depending on your preference, which is changeable through the app) and you either give them the green heart (like them) or the red X (not a fan).

So, how does it actually work? Well, you’re scrolling through. You come across … Kevin … who is 21 and is “less than a mile” from you. You have 24 mutual friends. Maybe he goes to Georgetown, then? And hey, he’s pretty cute. You “like” Kevin. Now, you either receive a notification if he too has “liked” you back, and you then have the ability to message through the app. If you “like” Kevin, though, and he didn’t like you back (rats…), he’ll never know you liked him. Only if it’s a match will you guys find out about it and then be able to message through the app.

It’s really, really weird, but I have a feeling it’s going to be big. I already heard in my psych class today, “I liked him on Tinder last night”. This could be revolutionary, folks. Just you wait.

Photo: Boy Meets World Wikia, Cracked a Jester

Kate Wellde

Kate Wellde is a Georgetown junior. She loves cats and hates haters.

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