How to Deal with Parents Over Summer

dealingwiththerentsEveryone knows that a year at Georgetown is a time of ultimate freedom from any sort of parental supervision. However, when Georgetown students go back home for the summer, even if it’s for a short time, it sometimes takes some getting used to their nagging and demanding parents. Here is a post to help you deal.

First, try to constantly remind your parents that you’re an independent, self-sufficient, invariably successful adult now (at least maybe you are). Now that you’re over 18 years of age, by law you’re allowed to do pretty much whatever you want. Prove it by not doing anything they ask of you. This can include things like constantly listening to music when they’re around, putting your feet up on furniture and other things that sound harmless but are actually super anti-authority. You’ve probably used some of these tactics before.

Next, try to establish certain times of the day when they just have to leave you alone and dedicate the rest of the time to do as you’re told. It’s good to maintain a balance. Yin and yang, you know?


Maybe also try appreciating all they’ve done for you. They may have paid for your college tuition, meals, clothes… They do your laundry, and, most importantly, they deal with your ridiculousness. A couple of chores never did anyone any harm. Also remember how truly important your mother is to your sometimes miserable social life…


Lastly, seduction might work. We’re not talking incest, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a little charm here and there. Especially when you’re trying to get your way. There’s not much explaining to do here. Watch American Pie and be creative. Feel free to seduce your friend’s mom!



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