gobuckwildgugernautNow that Georgetown Day has come to an end, you’re probably ramping up for Guggernaut tonight. Okay, maybe you’re still in that head-pounding, ears-ringing phase, but you’ll rally when it counts. So some of you are probably wondering what Guggernaut even is. It took me a whole year to find out that it was GUGernaut and not JUGernaut; I know, I’m not the brightest of the bunch. But even if you were intelligent enough to understand that it’s a party related to GUGS, that still doesn’t explain the meaning of the word. So, here are a few guesses from yours truly.

1.  Guggernaut: German noun meaning little prancing ponies. You’re in for a surprise when you head up to Village A tonight. Lil’ Sebastian has returned!


2.   Guggernaut: French noun meaning delicate salad tossers

3.   Guggernaut: Danish verb meaning to run around in circles naked. Now that’s my kind of party!

4.   Guggernaut: Finnish noun meaning large, scaly dragon. Game of Thrones theme!? I’m definitely coming dressed as Khaleesi.


5.   Guggernaut: Old English verb meaning to rub your tummy after a long day. Sounds about right — this pretty much describes my Saturday.

6.  Guggernaut: Italian noun meaning a spontaneous breakout dance session.

So there you have it: What Guggernaut means in seven languages! Who knew one word could be important in so many cultures? But most importantly Guggernaut, whatever it might mean, is a Georgetown tradition. So drink your water, pop that Advil and get your butt to Village A tonight.


Sydney Bolling

Sydney Bolling

Sydney Bolling is a graduate of the College that majored in economics. In her spare time she enjoys cuddling with kangaroos and eating vegemite. She can usually be found staring at pictures of her cats, stuffing her face with Easy Mac or watching preteen ABC Family dramas on Netflix.
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