Georgetown’s Top 5 Places to Meet Your Valentine

find love hereNeed a spark in your cold and lonely February life? What about love?  What is love? Where is it? Here’s a post to help you locate your future Valentine at Georgetown.

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1. Find him or her at Leo’s The peculiar odor, the funny looking food and the lovely music. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect place to find your Valentine?

2. Head over to Yates to hone in on your future honey This one doesn’t take much explaining. It gets rather frisky in there: hot and frisky. What more could one ask for?

3. Wait for the lucky lady or man on the Exorcist Stairs Have you ever even seen the movie? It’s about love (aka Valentine’s Day), and the scene on the stairs makes me swoon every time.


4. Be ready to pounce in the laundry rooms There’s just something about crouching in silence behind a dryer that’ll win over your future love. Your future Valentine will really know that you care.

Nothing can wash away my love for you, honey.

5. When all else fails, stop by Brown House We’ve all been there. Jump on a couch and start shaking it. They’ll be lining up in no time.

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