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What do Twitter, Vodaphone and Georgetown all have in common?!

Yeah, buddy at first we were stumped too, but it’s:


As part of Emma Watson’s…


Well yes, her. But, really more her:


Anyway… As part of Emma Watson’s He for She campaign, major companies and universities have committed to joining in and taking concrete steps toward gender equality as part of the UNWomen’s IMPACT 10x10x10 initiative. We here at 4E are glad to hear it!

In fact, if you see John DeGioia around campus we urge you to give him a huge shout out for his pledge to advance gender equality through “the research compiled by Georgetown’s Institute for Women, Peace & Security, which will soon unveil a new study on women’s political participation in ending conflict” as well as “implemented a new on-campus education program to help students and faculty identify harassment and sexual misconduct”, and for the overall mention in TIME!

Check out the complete article here!!

And, a last HOORAY!



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