Friday Fixat10ns: The Ultimate Kickback Playlist


Kickback is officially tomorrow! Unless you are a NARP, its likely that you cannot control your excitement. After a week of telling you why you should attend Kickback and playlists of the early and late artists, 4E is finally bringing you the ultimate playlist: THE HEADLINERS!

This year’s headliners are Louisa Wendorff and Skizzy Mars!

  1. “Blank Space / Style” Louisa Wendorff

2. “DSIDLY” Louisa Wendorff

3. “Pretty Hurts / Try / Who You Are” Louisa Wendorff

4. “Arrow” Louisa Wendorff

5. “Rip Tide / Skinny Love / Ho Hey” Louisa Wendorff

6. “Do You There” Skizzy Mars

7. “Cheer Up” Skizzy Mars

8. “Colours” Skizzy Mars

9. “Pay For You” Skizzy Mars

10. “Lucy” Skizzy Mars

Can’t wait to see you there!

Photos/Gifs: The Corp


Courtney Klein

Courtney Klein

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