Forever 21 Has Opened


Calling all shopaholics, if you didn’t think M street could get any better well think again because Forever 21 opened their doors this Saturday.

The stages of going to a Forever 21…

Stage 1: The thank god it’s the weekend, but I have nothing to wear tonight stage.

The struggle

Stage 2: The walk to the nearest Forever 21 in order to find a party outfit in t-minus 1 hour stage.

Stage 3: The incredibly overwhelming, yet excited “I just walked into a Forever 21 and will find the perfect outfit for tonight” stage.

yes, yes it is happening

Stage 4: The f*** yes, I just found what I needed for only $25 and that means I could technically throw up on it tonight and be okay with it stage.



Meg Lizza

Meg Lizza

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