Five People You’ll Meet at Your Lazy Summer Job

Lazy Summer Coworkers

While many Hoyas spent the summer getting real, hands-on work experience with impressive companies and organizations, many others, like me, decided to spend one last summer working a lazy summer job. Staring at an empty pool as we try to not fall asleep may not leave us with much valuable work experience, but it certainly comes with an eclectic array of co-workers. If you have also spent a summer working a restful, albeit boring, job, then you have probably met these five people.

The Silent One

They seem nice enough at first, but before long you start to feel the judgement in their eyes and you realize that they’ve been silently gauging you for weeks. It would be one thing if they passed their time reading or listening to music, but no, the most interesting silent co-workers have an uncanny ability to follow every conversation without contributing a single word. When they do choose to contribute, one of two things happens: either they deliver a perfect gem that sends the entire staff into a bout of laughter, or they mutter something uncomfortable that leaves everyone glancing at each other awkwardly. Just hope that your silent co-worker is more humorous than bitter.

The Partier

You’re not quite sure if they have ever showed up to work on time and completely sober, and they’re not quite sure why everyone else thinks that punctuality and sobriety are so important. They’re great to have on the staff if you’re looking to make plans that night, but they’re miserable if you’re not looking to hold their hair as they taste last night’s Burnett’s for the second time.

The Almost Too-Chill Boss

This boss just wants to be your friend and they go to extreme lengths to do so. Want to leave early? Go for it. This boss won’t say anything. They’re great to have as a supervisor, but just hope that they’re not signing your paychecks because you’re probably not getting that check until November… if you’re lucky.bill haderThe Neurotic One

You are convinced that you work the easiest job in the world, but this person sees things differently. To them, work is a stressful adventure full of potential disasters and they are determined to face every problem head-on. Forgot your lunch? Don’t worry, neurotic co-worker has got you covered; they packed two just in case. As great as it is to have someone looking out for you, their presence stresses you out and their consistent need to remind you of all of the times that the helped you out in the past annoys you to no end.

the to do list

The Confused One

Like the neurotic one, they haven’t quite figured out the beautiful simplicity of the job. Although they are usually a lovably naive person, their consistent tardiness and general inability to complete basic tasks without pestering you with questions makes them a rather unfortunate co-worker. As much as you hate taking out the trash, you realize that it’s probably a lot easier to take it out for them than it is to explain the intricacies of trash removal, so you usually just end up doing it for them.




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