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Rangila Preview

Rangila 2014: A Preview

For the past two decades, the South Asian Society has hosted Rangila, a massively popular event showcasing a variety of South Asian …


Manly Monday: Our First PSL

The PSL. The drink of choice for the “basic” Georgetown population. Today, two men of 4E confronted gender norms and took a …


Prince William Is Coming to DC

Get ready, Georgetown: The British are coming! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. Will and Kate) will be making their first …


Best Bets — Nov. 14, 2014

On Campus GU Dance Company Fall 2014 Showcase Georgetown’s dance company will hold its fall showcase today. This is a great opportunity …


Hump Day Chomp: The Diner

Hump Day Chomp is a new weekly posting that intends, perhaps unsuccessfully, to make your Hump day a bit less humpy. We’ve …