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Hasta La Vista Bandolero

Attn: Georgetown Lovers of Guacamole, Tapas and Margaritas  4E received some sad news this week. Bandolero, an M Street Tapas hot spot, …


Snapchat Updates: D.C. Takeover

Everyone knows that 4E loves Snapchat. Like really, really, REALLY loves Snapchat. It is basically required when you are hired to have …


Hoya Saxa Celebrates #LoveWins

Last Friday 4E celebrated SCOTUS’s decision with a compilation of Twitter responses on the same-sex marriage ruling. Today, we are continuing with …


SCOTUS Ruling: #LoveWins

It is a life-changing day here in the United States. Only a few hours ago the Supreme Court ruled, 5-4, that Same-Sex Marriage …