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POG Study Guide

Greetings fellow freshmen and a happy finals season to all! Guess what’s coming up?! The POG Final! (Disclaimer: that’s pronounced pog, like …


The Night Before the Map Exam

‘Twas the night before the Map final, when all through the Hilltop, Nervous SFS freshmen were studying, though they wished they could …


Seniors Take Over 4E!

It is that time of year again, graduation is approaching incredibly fast and the weather is just getting better and better. Soon, …


Econ 001 Study Guide

Finals are upon us. Lau has become ridiculously crowded and the beautiful weather outside mocks all the gloomy students on campus. We …


Georgetown Day Fails

It’s that time of year again, Georgetown Day! 4E asked a few of our non-Freshman bloggers about their worst best Georgetown Day …