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A guide to eating alone at leos

A Guide to Eating Alone at Leo’s

We’ve all been there. Nobody in the #squad group chat responds. You get a sudden hankering for Leo’s meat lover’s pizza that just can’t …

Bossier Interview

An Interview with Bossier

Last month, a group of Georgetown students launched Bossier – “a student magazine on campus that is devoted to promoting discourse about …

tipping point

TEDxGeorgetown Tipping Point

October 22, 2016 Gaston Hall 6 Students. 1 Professor. 3 External Speakers. This is TEDxGeorgetown: Tipping Point A tipping point, according to …

Banner - Costumes

So You Need A Halloween Costume?

We’re almost two weeks out from Halloween, and even though we’ve been celebrating and talking about it since mid-April, it’s actually time to …

an ode to leos brunch

An Ode to Leo’s Brunch

At 4E, Leo’s brunch has a special place in our hearts. So in honor of our love for this special occasion, here is …

How to Survive the Clownpocalypse

How to Survive the Clownpocalypse

Over the years, American civilization has encountered several major threats to its ongoing existence, such as terrorism, climate change and infectious diseases. …