Campus Sartorialist: September

Sophomores Charlie Long (COL, '15) and Sumeet Singh (MSB, '15).Just in time for the beginning of fall, Georgetown Housing finally responded to your work request to fix that broken air conditioner. Upside — congratulations, it works now. Downside —  people are beginning to wear Patagonia again.

September means it’s time to pull those boots out of the closet – maybe not to wear yet, but to have them out and ready in case it dips into the 60s — we still live in a swamp, folks. This said, September also means it’s time to flaunt that full sweatsuit in Lau and time to embrace flannel Fridays. (On a different note, September means that freshmen are in a frenzy looking for last minute DayGlow tickets, so if you have one, let them know.)

Deep in casual conversation on Healy steps, sophomores Charlie Long (COL ’15) and Sumeet Singh (MSB ’15) perfectly depict the Georgetown student’s transition from summer into fall. The dynamic duo wear dark wash jeans and flannel button-downs. Charlie opts for classy leather dress shoes and Sumeet dresses down in brown boots. The navy turban picks up the colors in the red and blue flannel — straight swag — someone alert Soulja Boy.

Charlie, a little more eager for the full-fledged fall weather, wears a jacket over a knit sweater while Sumeet layers his flannel over just a grey t-shirt. Equipped with a messenger bag, Charlie has perfected the “ready for class look” and Sumeet, embracing the MSB lifestyle, opts to keep it casual with no bag… he probably doesn’t have class on Thursdays, either.

I’ll keep the fashion commentary to a minimum and let the pictures from the impromptu photo shoot speak for themselves (this post is coming to you from someone who wears the same clothes everyday). Stay thirsty (for fall fashion) my friends, stay thirsty. It’s coming.

Photos: Kate Wellde for The Hoya
Note: Charlie Long is a staff writer for The Guide. 

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