Best Signs: Women’s March on Washington

Fed up with politics? Here’s one political  event you’ll want to revisit! No matter your political affiliation, we’re sure that one thing we can all come together and agree on is America’s creativity.

Here are the best signs from the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017.

The memes were OFF the charts.

People showed their support from all over the country.

Some made not so subtle music references.

Others were inspiring.

The insults got creative. 

Knitting made the comeback of the century. 

Thoughtful comparisons were made. 

Others went the historic route.

She said what we were all really thinking.

And across partisan lines, everyone at  the Women’s March on Washington agreed on one thing…


Tori Forelli

Tori Forelli

Tori is a junior in the college from Carlisle, Massachusetts. Her hobbies include singing in the shower, Pinterest and knitting. She plans on making a living by braiding tourist's hair on tropical beaches, and if that doesn't work out, she will become a really great grandma. Her true love is Panera asiago bagels and will go to any length to get one.
Tori Forelli

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