Georgetown #SB2015: A Retrospective

SB15 Georgetown

Today marks the last day of spring break, a wonderful week in which Hoyas flock all over the world. Whether it’s for travel with family/friends, community building through the Alternative Breaks Program/Global Medical Brigades or just a relaxing week at home, students got to get off campus and take a break from the high-stress environment of school.

…Unless, you know, you stay on campus.

When I told people I was staying on campus for break to catch up on work, the general reaction I got was: “It’s okay!” After a couple incidences like this, I realized that, despite my relatively self-pitying state, it was okay. A lot of students stay on campus, for a variety of reasons, and (despite a couple of drawbacks) I realized by break’s end that it was totally acceptable. Here are the pros and cons of staying on campus for spring break:

Pro: You really do get more work done.

I see you, Kid Who Went Home For Break. You brought your backpack and a couple of notebooks with you. You said you were going to get a lot of reading done, “especially on the train.” In reality, your Netflix profile would show that you spent all of break alternating between episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and whatever else the kids watch on TV these days.
Well, if you stay on campus for break, you totally still have Netflix access. But you definitely don’t have the comfort of your couch/bed at home, making school a way more productive environment.

Pro: Outlets/tables EVERYWHERE!

You know the feeling. You walk into your prime study spot during midterm season, feeling motivated for the first time all week – but alas. There are no tables or cubicles available. And even if you can find a random chair somewhere, all of the outlets are taken. Do you expect me to go to Lau 5???
During break, there are literally only four people in a given place at a given time. If you want to use one study room in the HFSC for your backpack and another for your computer, DO IT! If you want to use all four outlets on a Lau 2 pillar for your phone, computer, microwave and hair straightener, WHO’S STOPPING YOU?

Con: Nobody can help you with household tasks.

If the trash builds up, you can’t rely on your roommate to take it out.
Or, in my case, if you can’t open a jar of pasta sauce (I had just bought it, in my defense), no one is around in the apartment to laugh at you and begrudgingly open it. Instead, you have to go out into the street and ask a random family visiting Georgetown if one of them can help you out. It’s… Not good.

Pro: There’s time to actually get off of campus!

Normally, I almost never leave campus, unless it’s for food. But with the whole day open, I took fellow blog writer Marina’s advice and headed to one of the many, many little coffee shops around Georgetown. Getting out of the campus atmosphere really helps to clear your head.

Con: It can get lonely.

No one is around to laugh at your terrible jokes, unless you feel like telling a random grad student that if he/she was a fruit, he/she would be a fineapple. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Pro: Your schedule is literally bound to no one else’s. You can do whatever you want

It’s break, so there are no classes. You don’t have to send out a group text if you’re heading to Chipotle – you just go. If you leave Trader Joe’s and realize what a nice day it’s become, you don’t have to hurry home because there’s class and homework and meetings. Basically, your life is like Home Alone minus the burglars.

So when you’re planning your #SB2016 next year, maybe consider staying on campus. It’s not as contributive as ASB, not as fun as a beach house, not as comforting as home… Wait, what was my point again? Whatever the case, while staying on campus might not be ideal, it definitely has its perks.

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Bubble Tea On Campus??

Georgetown Bubble

I don’t know about you guys, but I love bubble tea. For the uninformed, bubble tea is a drink (usually cold) with either green or black tea, some kind of sweet flavoring and the eponymous “bubbles”, aka tapioca. It’s delicious, refreshing and even kind of fun to drink, thanks to those giant straws.

Be still my beating heart.

If you’re like me, you may have been disheartened by the lack of nearby bubble tea. I mean, there are some locations along M St. or Wisconsin, but when I get a bubble tea craving I want it to be as accessible as possible.

Well, good news! Georgetown Bubble, a student-run bubble tea company, has started up, with a flashy websiteFacebook page and Instagram account to match. There are four students listed as the brains of the outfit: Tim Yim, Natalie Kaliss, Michelle Hur and Rachel Villanueva. There aren’t too many details yet, but I take this to mean that bubble tea will be cropping up on campus pretty soon. In fact, the Facebook page promises that it’s “coming soon.” If by “soon” they mean “just in time for me to binge on fruity tea before my upcoming midterms”, then that is very, very good news.

If you want to contact the students behind Georgetown Bubble, hit them up at or check out their Facebook/Instagram. We can’t wait to try some awesome bubble tea in the near future!

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OWN IT Speaker Profiles: Aria Finger

OWN IT Speaker Profiles

After last year’s overwhelming success, the OWN IT Summit is back! As The Hoya is the campus media partner, 4E will be periodically bringing you profiles of the illustrious speakers. As today is International Women’s Day, 4E is proud to profile social activist Aria Finger, COO of and the president of TMI Agency. Let’s find out more about Aria, in her own words:

Aria graduated as valedictorian from her high school: “That gave me the confidence to hopefully change the world a little bit.”

She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in economics and political science: “I was an economics major in college and my stubborn self wanted to prove all of my classmates wrong – that working at a not-for-profit could be efficient, effective and world-changing.”

Aria joined as an associate: “It was a tiny organization, with just six employees, and they empower young people to take action on every issue under the sun. To me, that sounded so fabulous, in addition to their sort of cheeky, fun, exciting vibe.”

One of her major campaigns at was the Teens for Jeans program, in which Aeropostale shoppers who donated a pair of used jeans would get 25% off a new pair: “Teens for Jeans has been an incredible success in the past seven years because it resonates with young people and it’s an easy way for them to take action on youth homelessness.”

Aria really enjoyed working on the “Give a Spit About Cancer” campaign, which sought to get college students in the bone marrow registry, and combined Chris Pratt with Aziz Ansari in a popular PSA: “It turns out that college-aged students have the best bone marrow. All you have to do is swab your cheek, and you’re on the registry for life… It’s our smallest campaign, but our most impactful.”

Another popular campaign she worked on was “Thumb Wars”, which encouraged teens not to text and drive by giving them thumb socks: “We make it really easy and fun and sexy and entertaining and social to get involved.” ( has given out over 80,000 pairs.)

In June 2013, launched TMI Agency as a nonprofit/business consulting company, of which Aria is president. When asked about heading up TMI as a supplement to, she said, “We run 25 cause campaigns a year, and how many issues are out there: a bazillion?”

Aria has been profiled in the New York Times and was the youngest person, at 29 years old, to be part of Crain’s New York Business “40 Under Forty” list. When asked what she would say to a job seeker looking for a meaningful job, she said, “There are… a million ways to look for meaning – you don’t have to work at a not-for-profit. Someone who works at a big financial institution could lead the charge to teach millennials about how to save for their retirement and not get ripped off.  This would have a massive impact on millions of people. We need good people everywhere.”

Some fun facts about Aria: “At 6-feet tall I’m the shortest person in my family.  And I love, love, love salted caramel brownies.”

So if you’ve got tickets for the OWN IT summit on Saturday, Mar. 28, you might have the privilege to hang out with Aria and hear more about her incredible devotion to nonprofits and youth activism. Sign-ups for speaker sessions will be emailed to ticket-holders TONIGHT at 8:00 pm, so make sure to sign up for a chance to hear from your idols.







Georgetown Student Appears on “The Nightly Show”

Larry Wilmore Emma Iannini

“The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” is partway through its first season on Comedy Central. Wilmore, a former Daily Show correspondent, discusses current events before introducing a panel for further lively conversation. Like many other Comedy Central “fake news” shows, it casts light on the issues today in a humorous light.

Tuesday night’s show was notable especially for the appearance of a Georgetown undergraduate student on the panel. Emma Iannini (SFS ’16) appeared in order to discuss gun violence with Larry, managing editor of Joy Reid, comedian/writer Bonnie Macfarlane and NYU student Megan Powers. Iannini, a resident of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, is the co-founder of Georgetown Against Gun Violence, and took part in the discussion regarding campus gun carrying.

You can also check out the full segment here. It was both highly entertaining and informative. On the possible mix of alcohol and guns on campus, Powers admitted it was “not ideal”. Iannini made the excellent point that Georgetown was not going to ban alcohol, as “there would be a serious protest from our student body… Adding guns into the mix on college campuses, you take what’s already an unstable recipe and transform it into a potentially deadly one.”

4E reached out to Iannini on her experience, and she stated:

“First of all, I am very grateful to Larry and his team at the Nightly Show for talking about this very important issue. Comedy Central has become a cultural phenomenon in recent years and it provides a great platform for raising awareness, especially amongst young people who have a lot at stake when it comes to campus carry and gun violence more generally. It is so vitally important that our generation engage with this issue.

Unfortunately, as college students, whether we like it or not, we are on the front lines of the fight for gun safety in America. There have been over 100 school shootings since what happened in my hometown of Sandy Hook two years ago. Gun violence has just taken over automobile accidents as the leading cause of death amongst people ages 18-35. It’s up to young people to stand up and say no more. I think that’s why the folks at Comedy Central gave us the opportunity to talk about the important work that Georgetown Against Gun Violence is doing at the Hilltop. They know how much we have to lose if we continue to do nothing to stop this epidemic.

As I think people see in the episode, the panel really had a blast working together. Right off the bat, Bonnie and Joy established this great energy and we all really just fed off of that. My co-panelist, Megan Powers, from NYU College Republicans, also was such a good sport in taking a lot of hits from the rest of us. It’s hard to be outnumbered 4-1 and she handled it so professionally. Joy Reid, of course, is such a pleasure to work with as well. So kind and warmhearted, she set me at ease right away. She just has such a nice way about her.”

Thanks, Emma! So to the list of “impressive accomplishments made by Hoyas our own age,” we can now add “appeared on a Comedy Central show as a news panel member.”

(This post has been updated.)

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Staffers of the Week: Katherine Richardson, Tom Garzillo, Ashwin Puri


Once a week, The Hoya recognizes one or two staffers who have done a particularly awesome job — now you can get to know about them, too. Here are our interviews with the three staffers chosen last week.

Katherine Richardson

Katherine Staffer

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
School: COL
Year: 2017
Major: English
Position on the Hoya: Campus News Editor
Why did you earn Staffer of the Week?
I won staffer of the week alongside my two awesome writers Tom and Ashwin for our GUSA 2015 executive election coverage.
Why did you decide to join The Hoya, and how has it contributed to your college experience?
I joined The Hoya my freshman fall because I had been heavily involved in my high school paper and really wanted to continue working in a fast-paced and exciting news environment. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember, and I have always been drawn to journalism because of its ability to spread the truth and help encourage change. My time on The Hoya has taught me so much about writing, interviewing, editing and Georgetown as a whole. I love that I have been able to meet with so many students and administrators who are passionate about this campus and are always striving to improve it. Beyond the professional aspects of the job, I really enjoy spending time with the staff on The Hoya, and have been lucky to make some amazing friends.
What’s a song you can’t stop listening to right now?
“Wolves” by Kanye West (ft. Vic Mensa and Sia)
If you could be a vegetable, which would you be and why?
Onions because they have layers!

Tom Garzillo

Tom Staffer

Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut
School: SFS
Year: 2018
Major: Undecided
Position on The Hoya: Staff writer, specifically GUSA beat writer
Why did you earn Staffer of the Week?
I earned staffer of the week for my coverage of the GUSA executive elections.
Why did you decide to join The Hoya, and how has it contributed to your college experience?
I decided to join the Hoya because it combines three things I am passionate about: writing, journalism and Georgetown. Writing for the Hoya has been one of the highlights of my freshman year. There’s nothing quite like seeing your name in print and knowing that people are learning from what you wrote. I’ve personally learned more about Georgetown through writing news than I ever could have otherwise.
What’s a song you can’t stop listening to right now?
A song that I can’t stop listening to right now is “All Due Respect” by Run the Jewels (tied with Outkast for best rap duo of all time, IMO).
If you could be a vegetable, which would you be and why?
If I could be a vegetable, I would be a carrot because I’m true to my roots (#punny).

Ashwin Puri

Ashwin Staffer

Hometown: Rockford, Illinois
School: SFS
Year: 2018
Major: International Politics
Position on The Hoya: News Writer
Why did you earn Staffer of the Week?
I earned Staffer of the Week for writing articles on the recent GUSA executive election. Mainly, I covered the Vice-Presidential and Presidential debates.
Why did you decide to join The Hoya, and how has it contributed to your college experience?
I decided to join The Hoya this semester to both explore my passion for writing in a professional setting and to grow as an individual through communication and writing improvement. Writing for news has allowed me to interview individuals and experience new facets of campus life I did not know existed and would not have been able to access prior to joining The Hoya. Becoming a part of such a great community has broadened my campus experience immensely, and I look forward to continuing to grow as a part of this great organization.
What’s a song you can’t stop listening to right now?
“Retrograde” by James Blake! I just can’t get it out of my head.
If you could be a vegetable, which would you be and why?
If I could be any vegetable I would be an avocado. I am not even sure if it is a vegetable, fruit or something in between, but it goes well with everything and is delicious.

Congratulations Katherine, Tom and Ashwin!
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Tomorrow is not just any regular old Tuesday – it’s IHOP National Pancake Day!

Yes, it’s true. Tomorrow, Mar. 3, your local IHOP is offering a free shortstack of its delicious buttermilk pancakes FO’ FREE.

But why? Well, IHOP is encouraging donations from each customer for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and other specified charities.

Where is our local IHOP? There are two nearby-ish ones: 935 N Stafford St. in Arlington, or 3100 14th St. NW in the District.

Maybe you’re still not convinced that you should go. Have you seen these pancakes?

So yeah, you want to get yourself to IHOP tomorrow. The event runs from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Because breakfast doesn’t have to be limited to the morning.

See you at IHOP, and don’t forget to donate!


President Obama Congratulates Georgetown

Charter Birthday

Today marks the 200th anniversary of Georgetown’s charter, officially incorporating the university into the District of Columbia. Signed by James Madison back in 1815, our current president, Barack Obama, weighed in on the momentous occasion today with a video uploaded onto Youtube.

“As your neighbor, I thought I’d say hello and congratulate you on the 200th anniversary of your charter,” President Obama begins, while then delving into the many varied accomplishments of Hoyas over time, and emphasizing the influence of Georgetown’s Jesuit values in different fields. Basically, the President thinks we’re awesome, thus confirming what we knew all along.

You can watch the full (less than 1 minute-long) video below. It’s totally worth it, especially for the very end. Hearing POTUS say “Hoya Saxa” is truly a transcendent experience that I will totally #humblebrag about in the future.

Other government leaders congratulated Georgetown today too, including Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Patrick Leahy.

Oh, and we just heard from Bill Clinton!

Check out the university’s statement (plus all of the congratulatory videos) here. Actually, if you want to check out the charter (it’s short), go for it.

So happy birthday, Georgetown, and Hoya Saxa!

(This post has been updated.)


OWN IT Speaker Profiles: Danielle Brooks

OWN IT Speaker Profiles

After last year’s overwhelming success, the OWN IT Summit is back! As The Hoya is the campus media partner, 4E will be periodically bringing you profiles of the illustrious speakers. First up: Danielle Brooks, known to many of us as Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson from the fantastic Orange Is the New Black. Let’s find out more about Danielle:

Danielle grew up in South Carolina and got into acting through church plays.

She went to a performing arts high school in South Carolina, called the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities.

When she was 17, Danielle moved to New York to start school at Juilliard.

While there, she met Samira Wiley, aka Poussey on OITNB.


Before starting on Orange Is the New Black, Danielle was working on two productions: Blacken the Bubble and The Servant of Two Masters.

Taystee was only supposed to appear in two episodes, but clearly Danielle’s storyline was extended.

Brooks won the Breakthrough Actress Award at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.

Danielle is a big music fan – especially jazz.

On her breakout role as Taystee, Danielle says, “It was important to me to tell [the story] in the most truthful way so that it didn’t become a stereotype.”

So if you want to hear more from Danielle and from other wonderful women, get your tickets to OWN IT 2015! Regular tickets are still for sale on until Wednesday night. Check out the Facebook event here, and for a list of other confirmed speakers click here. Don’t forget, we’ll be having more speaker profiles as they’re confirmed.


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4E’s GUSA Results Are In!


The votes are coming as quick as John DeGioia to the Epi buffet, and 4E is happy to announce the projected winner of the 2015 GUSA Election!

William Jefferson Clinton, SFS ’68, “Bill” to his peers, “DJ Billy Jeff” to his friends, has earned the majority of the vote – 72 of 100 total voters put him as first choice. Running on a campaign platform of “I Was President of America,” President-Elect Clinton earned campus fame for his opening statements in the presidential debate on Monday:

“I was President of the United States in the 90s, and I gave the US a budget surplus! EXTRA MONEY! So if I can do that, you’d better believe I can get you meal swipes at Chipotle and more transparency in administration-student relations.”

Clinton notably ran without a running mate, explaining, “Although there are many worthy people on campus, the only Vice President I’ll ever need is former VP of the United States, Al Gore. Why’d you have to be a Harvard alum, Al?”

When asked how he was able to avoid much of the controversy generated over the past two weeks through campaigns attacking each other, Clinton stated, “Well, you know, I literally just threw my hat in the ring and let the incredible nostalgia for the 90s do the work. I mean, I am 68 years old, so I feel like if I were to attack 20, 21-year-old candidates… That would be weird. We’re all Hoyas, right?”

To cap off this post, 4E has included a clip of Clinton’s speech at TedxGeorgetown 1966.

Bye, GUSA election coverage! See you next year!


Meet the Campaign Managers of GUSA 2015

Campaign Managers

While 4E has covered the videos introducing this year’s GUSA candidates, some of the key election players were missing – notably, the campaign managers. These people work behind-the-scenes advocating for their man or woman, and we at 4E like to recognize them for their hard work. Without further ado, meet the campaign managers…

Katie Bolas (Tim and Reno)

Katie Bolas

Katie (SFS ’15) used to be pretty heavily involved in College Republicans and Philodemic Society. Then she went away to London for a year and since then has not been as involved as she would like. As a senior, she is currently most involved in “Please Let Me Into Your Law School” club. Funny enough this is often mistaken for the ice cream and chocolate connoisseurs club.

How did you come to be campaign manager?
Tim simply asked me. We both live in Northeast Ohio and so we met for lunch over vacation and he made “the ask.” He was really nice about it. He just complimented me for a solid five minutes and then asked if I could help out. I think he thought I was going to say no, which would explain the showering of niceties, because this is a position that is generally taken by a junior who wants to become Chief of Staff and not a senior on her way out. What can I say? I think he and Reno would make killer GUSA executives.

What is the role of campaign manager?
I am sure people will give you glamorous answers as to exactly what being a campaign manager entails, but it’s the opposite of that. I would liken it most to being a police officer standing in the middle of an eight way stop with cars coming from every direction at high speeds and not prepared to stop.

If the Tim and Reno campaign could endorse another ticket, which would it be and why?
It would be Abbey and Will. Abbey and Will have a plan. We certainly do not agree with their entire platform, but we do agree with a lot of it. They have concrete ideas coupled with experience.

What is the most surprising thing you have experienced during this campaign season so far?
How seriously people take themselves. I think this is something that the Luther-Rohan campaign has done a great job of pointing out. Don’t get me wrong, we take our ideas and the possibility of Tim and Reno becoming GUSA executives very seriously, but hopefully not ourselves.

What is the spirit animal of your campaign?
That is actually Ellie Valencia’s official title. Need I elaborate?

Presidential candidates oftentimes have a pump-up song associated with their campaign. What would be the song most associated with your campaign?
There is absolutely no consensus on this question. Tim is always listening to Katy Perry so he would most definitely pick something like “Unconditionally.” Reno is more of the rock guy, he likes Weezer, and would pick “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.” I listen to Lady Gaga like it is my job because she is obviously the best so I would pick any of her songs.

Preston Marquis  (Sara and Ryan)

Preston Marquis

Preston (SFS ’16) is currently involved in the IRC, NSO and GUSA (as Treasurer). He was previously involved in SAC and the Dip Ball planning committee. 

How did you come to be campaign manager?
I knew Sara previously from her role as the GUSA Secretary of Transfer Affairs. She always struck me as someone with a lot of focus and direction. Towards the end of the semester last year, she and Ryan approached me about coming on board. I honestly hadn’t envisioned doing much with any ticket this spring but after talking with the two of them, I got a sense that they genuinely wanted to revitalize GUSA’s way of doing business — and that was an opportunity too good to pass up.

What is the role of the campaign manager?
I’ve really focused on bringing together a strong team of performers, empowering/enabling these individuals to go out and do their jobs well and ultimately aligning our actions with Sara and Ryan’s overall direction for the campaign. In my mind, the CM’s role is to organize the flow of information for the candidates and ensure they feel supported as they structure their vision for Georgetown. On the internal side, I believe another job is to help folks working within the campaign feel connected, valued and recognized for their contributions, which is at times challenging when you build such a large organization in a short amount of time.

If the Sara and Ryan campaign could endorse another ticket, which would it be and why?
We are cross endorsing with Chris and Meredith because we share their values. We admire their positivity, their clean and honest campaign and their belief in a diverse and pluralistic GUSA.

What is the most surprising thing you have experienced during campaign season so far?
There seems to be a significant disconnect on the Hilltop between GUSA and a lot of Hoyas, which surprises me given the potential of student government to make a real impact in the undergraduate experience at Georgetown. I think a great example of this is the recent agreement between GUSA and the Division of Student Affairs to implement a cost sharing mechanism for sign language interpreters at student activities. As an institution wrapped in advocacy, GUSA can and does create positive change on behalf of students but somewhere over the past few years it has seemingly lost its ability to connect and communicate with the student body at large. The next Executive needs to reverse this trend and I believe Sara and Ryan have the experience and leadership skill-sets to do so.

What is the spirit animal of your campaign?
President John J. DeGioia

Presidential candidates oftentimes have a pump-up song associated with their campaign (like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for President Obama). What would be the song most associated with your campaign?
While my personal choice would be “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire, if I step back and look at things objectively, I’d have to say “Do You Believe In Magic” really captures the energy and essence of our campaign.

Randy Puno and Tim Yim (Chris and Meredith)

Randy Puno

Tim Yim








Randy (COL ’16) is the president of Club Filipino, a SAC Commissioner and Chair of the GUSA Fund. He is also Marketing Director for TEDxGeorgetown, an upperclassman facilitator for Spirit of Georgetown and an ambassador for International Pre-Orientation. He’s also performed for GU Children’s Theatre, where he plays a character by the name of Mr. Muffinhead.

Tim (SFS ’17) is the VP for the Taiwanese Student American Association as well as on the board of Club Filipino. He’s been a SOCA representative previously, and he’s worked for CSJ in their DC Reads program. He is currently a TA for the Chinese Department here and is also involved in a couple of other organizations as well as programs and jobs on campus, but doesn’t want to bore us with the list.

How did you come to be campaign managers?

Tim: Chris was my RA freshmen year and when he asked me to help him run his campaign, I said yes on the spot because I knew him to be a good man with kindness. I also knew him as being a nice guy who had some genuine ideas to fix GUSA’s over-inflated self-worth and distance to the people. It’s about connecting to individuals as much as representing them, engaging them to help them understand that the office can do so much better.

Randy: When Tim first approached me about joining a GUSA campaign, I was honestly very skeptical. I wasn’t very optimistic about GUSA, especially after being on a losing team the year before. But when he mentioned “Chris Wadibia,” it excited me. Everyone knew him as Georgetown’s Nicest Man, and I knew he would be the right guy for a GUSA that needed change. When I first met him, he greeted me “Hello, Randy, my friend.” And the rest is history.

What is the role of the campaign manager?
Tim: Now that’s the million dollar question. Campaign managers literally need to be able to do anything. From any of the standard three things: door-knocking, tabling, flyering to setting up logistics, preparing for debates, outreach efforts, as well as just making sure everything is running smoothly. To put it simply, our job is to ease the burden of Chris and Meredith, so they can do what they do best, meeting with people and making a tangible difference. We just take care of most of everything else, and provide counsel when needed.

Randy: Traditionally, campaign managers coordinate everything. They make sure everyone knows their job and executes it. But our team is nontraditional. Instead of having lines of authority, we value horizontal leadership. Every single member of our team signed on because Chris and Meredith personally reached out to them. No one is doing this because they were promised a position in GUSA or because they have a higher agenda (we have many seniors on our team). Everyone on our team gives of themselves because they love Chris and Meredith — which makes the campaign managers’ job simply to channel that passion and energy into effective campaigning.

If the Chris and Meredith campaign could endorse another ticket, which would it be and why?
Tim and Randy: It would definitely be Sara and Ryan. Chris and Meredith are both good friends with Sara and Ryan, and we believe that our views for Georgetown are most closely aligned with theirs. GUSA should be personable and individuals should be passionate about the change they are going to enact, instead of the lip-service and fluff in long platforms they provide. Sara and Ryan understand this in the same way Chris and Meredith do.

What is the most surprising thing you have experienced during campaign season so far?
Tim: The lengths that certain campaigns are willing to go to get elected. This is after all student government, not the White House, and being on the receiving end of character assassinations and false rumors is quite disheartening to see. This campus isn’t and shouldn’t be split into 5 different sections representing each of the campaigns, we are all Georgetown students who want what’s best for the Hilltop, and dirty politicking in the background shouldn’t be what determines the winners.

Randy: I’ll go with something more positive. If you were in Red Square on midnight of the start of the campaign season, you know what I’m talking about. At roughly 12:20, as other teams were finishing up hanging banners, Chris and Meredith led a mob of 50 people out of White Gravenor to hang our beautiful (and Healy-less) banner. We screamed and howled and even turned Red Square into a dance floor. The amount of energy in Red Square was electrifying, and I’m pretty sure no one has ever started a GUSA campaign with the same buzz and noise that we had that night.

What is the spirit animal of your campaign?
Tim and Randy: Left Shark. Much like left shark, we will continue to swim against the current for change. He also digs us.

Presidential candidates oftentimes have a pump-up song associated with their campaign (like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for President Obama). What would be the song most associated with your campaign?
Tim and Randy: Lose Yourself by Eminem (the soundtrack of our first video).

Arman Ramnath (Joe and Connor)

Arman Ramnath

Arman (SFS ’16) is involved in the Corp, working at Hoya Snaxa. He is also involved in the Georgetown Student Tenant Association and Georgetown Running Club. 

How did you come to be campaign manager?
I first met Connor Rohan at 2:00 am at the bottom level of an underground parking garage just over the Key Bridge in Rosslyn. This began an information-based relationship that went on the length of many years. The information he shared eventually led to the resignation of a president. When Connor and Joe Luther announced their campaign I immediately signed on to help because of the work we had done in the past.

What is the role of the campaign manager?
Essentially, my role is to handle all the illegal and corrupt campaign related activities and make sure they never get traced back to Joe and Connor. Joe and Connor are bringing a utopia to Georgetown, and I’m supposed to make sure legality doesn’t inhibit this goal. The rest of the team calls me a “fall guy.” I’m not really sure what that means, but I think it’s a term of endearment.

If the Luther-Rohan campaign could endorse another ticket, which would it be and why?
Definitely the Calvin Coolidge and Charles G. Dawes ticket from the 1924 Presidential Election. They were committed to cleaning up America after Warren G. Harding’s Teapot Dome scandal.

What is the most surprising thing you have experienced during campaign season so far?
I’m incredibly surprised that we are the only campaign to provide a kissing booth to the student body. This is just another example of how we are truly understanding of students. The other campaigns have had numerous opportunities to provide essential services like a kissing booth, yet have all failed. I personally am surprised by the apathy of my fellow campaigns when it comes to truly aiming to serve the Georgetown student body.

What is the spirit animal of your campaign?
Our spirit animal is Vojtek, an adoptive bear to a company of Polish troops during World War II. Vojtec helped move ammunition and fought for what he believed in, just like our campaign. He also drank condensed milk out of a vodka bottle, which is something our campaign team greatly enjoys as well.

Presidential candidates oftentimes have a pump-up song associated with their campaign (like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for President Obama). What would be the song most associated with your campaign?
Our campaign song would be Miles Davis’s “Sanctuary.” It’s colorful, unique and promotes an image of a perfect world in which all of life’s negatives are eliminated.

Ken Nunnenkamp (Abbey and Will)

Ken Nunnenkamp2

Ken (MSB ’16) is a member of GUCR, a former GUSA Senator, Vice Chair of the Intellectual Life Committee and is a member of the Student Library Council. He went abroad to the Villa last fall. 
How did you come to be campaign manager?
Abbey and I have been friends since freshman year. I did a lot of work with her in the Senate, and I worked with her and other student leaders on sexual assault policy for students studying abroad while I was at the Villa last semester. When she was thinking about running last semester, she messaged me and we talked about it extensively. She talked me through a lot of the problems at this university and inspired me to help her change them by running for GUSA. Will, Abbey and I talked a number of times, and since I’ve worked on campaigns outside of GUSA I felt like I could contribute that logistical approach to help support Abbey and Will. After many late-night Skype chats and Viber calls, I was happy and excited to help them in any way they wanted or needed.
What is the role of the campaign manager?
Well, I’m a manager for the most part, taskmaster sometimes and partymaster as often as they’ll let me be. I help make sure that various different parts of the campaign are working together to help us realize our broader vision of bridging the gap between two Georgetowns, and I help Abbey and Will get done whatever needs to be done. For me, the most important part of my job is helping Abbey and Will communicate their vision for Georgetown in a positive and informative manner.
If the Abbey and Will campaign could endorse another ticket, which would it be?
Like Will said in the VP debate, we’ve been very impressed with Tim and Reno’s commitment to bottom-up, policy-driven change at Georgetown, and we’re proud to be cross-endorsing with them.
What is the most surprising thing you have experienced during campaign season so far?
My answer to this one is easy: I was so surprised by the huge amount of support Abbey and Will received from day one. They have the best ideas, the best chance of making a difference and the know-how to get the job done, but it amazed me how people from all walks of life and across all grades came out to support them from day one. I shouldn’t have been that surprised, because their dedication to the future of Georgetown is what convinced me to come on board, but I can’t express my own thanks enough for the great team of people who have rallied in support of Abbey and Will.
What is the spirit animal of your campaign?
Queen B, Beyoncé herself.
Presidential candidates oftentimes have a pump-up song associated with their campaign (like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for President Obama). What would be the song most associated with your campaign?
I’d have to say that Uptown Funk is probably the closest to answer this question. However, Eminem’s Not Afraid (Abbey’s favorite song) is our pump up song and motivates us all to work harder for a better Georgetown!
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