An Open Letter, From Me to You

Dear Loyal Fourth Edition Readers,

<— What’s better than a post with an unrelated picture to go with it? Funny people using the internet is a great thing, isn’t it? Thanks Reddit.

Anyways, ’tis the most (potentially second most – I think September is pretty nice) wonderful time of the year – Christmas, (C)hannukah, 20th birthdays of girls who write for the Hoya’s blog (read as: my birthday) and the icing on the cake – the end of schoolio.

Part of me feels like I should hate myself for contributing to the mass writing, tweeting, social media-ing about the fact that it is, as it is every December, finals time again, but I haven’t weighed in yet.

Furthermore, I actually enjoy finals time. Look me in the eyes and tell me it’s not fun to see 11 people on your g-chat list at 3:00 in the morning. And the bright side is, you no longer have to sit through the classes you have been pretending to listen to for the last twelve weeks, you no longer have any structure to your days, and I guess it becomes somewhat appropriate (?) to use finals (or #finalz in the Twitter-sphere) as an excuse for anything and everything:

Oh, you’re wearing the same clothes again? #finalz. Oh, you wasted all of today watching Hey Arnold? #finalz. Oh, you set fire to Kennedy 6? #finalz.

Sure, studying is not fun. Writing papers is not my favorite. The computer screen makes my head hurt after a couple of hours. You know what though? In the words of Eric Matthews, my personal role model, “life’s tough, get a helmet”.

There is just so much more to life than your finals, or talking about impending finals. It’s not really the end of the world. The Mayans made it so that that would happen after the last day of Georgetown University’s finals.


Kate “I just listened to 7 hours of an 80’s rock playlist, #finalz” Wellde

Kate Wellde

Kate Wellde is a Georgetown junior. She loves cats and hates haters.

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