4E News Recap

4E News RecapMissed what was happening on the Hilltop this week? 4E has got you covered with some of The Hoya’s most recent headlines:

GU Protects Bangladesh Workers – In light of recent disasters in Bangladesh factories that have left over 1,200 workers dead, the Georgetown Licensing Oversight Committee has voted to require the university’s apparel companies to submit to comprehensive, public inspections of their factories.

BSA Members Boycott Corp Stores – After the Corp Philanthropy Committee denied a grant request from the Black Student Alliance, certain members of the BSA boycotted The Corp.

Men’s Basketball | GU Downs Butler, Wins Third Straight – A 71-63 victory over Butler extended the Hoyas’ winning streak to three games.

Applications Down 2.6% for Class of 2018 – Despite the slight decrease in the number of applicants, the average SAT scores of applicants rose.

Free Speech Still Undefined – Georgetown’s Free Speech and Expression Committee convened Thursday to review the university’s vague free speech policy. Although the discussion did not yield any conclusive clarifications to the policy, Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olsen promised to clarify the policy by the end of the academic year.

Dorms Eyed to Meet Housing Demand – With the Northeast Triangle Residence Hall not scheduled to open until the summer of 2016, Campus administrators are looking to add bedrooms to LXR, Village C East and Southwest quad.

A Year of Pope Francis – On Monday, the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life reviewed the new Pope’s first year and looked ahead to the future of the Catholic Church under the Pope’s influence.

GUSA Sounds Off on Noise – The disruptive construction of the Healey Family Student Center adjacent to New South has led GUSA Senators to pass a bill seeking compensation for New South residents.

Blackboard to Sell Books – The course management website announced on Jan. 29 that it will enter the online bookstore market; however, it will operate independent of the Georgetown bookstore.

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