2AM Club Takes Georgetown Day

6a00d8341c630a53ef0133f4aca179970b-600wiHere’s a curve ball, Hoyas – there will be a live concert on Georgetown Day this year. At 10:30pm in McDonough Parking Lot, the California band, the 2AM Club, will be putting on a show.

If you watched Pretty Little Liars, their single “Worry About You” was featured in the Homecoming episode.

They also toured with White Panda, Chiddy Bang and Mike Posner last year. In addition, one of their latest tracks, “Mary“, featured Dev.

So, fight your hangover and get yourself out to McDonough on Friday night. And just to clarify, the concert is at 10:30pm, not “2am”. (See what I did there?)

Kate Wellde

Kate Wellde

Kate Wellde is a Georgetown graduate. She loves cats and hates haters.
Kate Wellde

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