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You know you’re a true Hoya when your entire News Feed and Twitter Feed are full of posts about Bradley Cooper. Well here’s one more social media site talking about our famous alumnus. Where in Georgetown is Bradley Cooper?

Car Barn The GM of The Hoya (the venerable Mary Nancy Walter) says he’s currently in the Car Barn! FLOCK THERE HOYAS, RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Red Square A false report from Facebook’s “Georgetown Insults” stated that the Silver Linings Playbook star was seen picking his nose in Red Square. This has been debunked, but if it had been true, I would have sprinted out of my Econ lecture in the ICC Auditorium (where I am currently writing this post, missing many iClicker questions) and handed him a tissue.

Leo’s The very funny @PizzaAtLeos says that he is currently enjoying, wait for it….Pizza at Leo’s. If he was, this would be the perfect opportunity to say “I want to go to Leo’s so badly!” (which has never been said before in the history of TIME)

Saxby’s Many claimed to have seen him at Saxby’s as well, though I doubt that he is still there. I’m sure some crazed fan is digging through the trash right now looking for his used latte cup.

Wisconsin Ave. Cooper was also reported to be shopping on Wisconsin, probably attracting hoards of fans as he went. Feel free to run down there and look for the mobs!

My Room Unlikely… or is it? One can only dream. But I sure hope he’s not there, it’s kind of a disaster zone. I think my roommate is somewhere in there drowning in the pile of unfolded laundry I left on my bed.

Good luck finding him Hoyas!

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Today in Hoya History: Leavey Center Suggestions

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 1.42.24 AMOn this chilly 31st of January, you’ve probably been thinking about the upcoming weekend, the bipolar weather we’ve been having, whether Georgetown is going to crush St. John’s on Saturday (answer: yes) and whether you’ll be attending the upcoming Cherry Tree Massacre extravaganza (answer again: yes). But you might be interested to know that on January 31st, 1995, the students of Georgetown were thinking about something far, far different: the Leavey Center! Just as we’re in the process of taking student suggestions for the new student center in New South, the students of 1995 were doing the same.

According to the January 1995 archives of The Hoya, the GU administration had just received student input for plans to remodel the main floor of the Leavey Center. (Renovations, which were funded by a $2 million grant from MBNA Bank of America, occurred in the Summer of 1995.)

According to Dean James A. Donahue, “The [Leavey Center] is cold [and] the building is uninviting,” echoing the thoughts of many students and faculty at the time. (I personally thought he was talking about Lau.)

Plans from students aimed to move the Office of Student Affairs to the 5th floor (where it is currently located) and expand the career center (which also occurred). Other suggestions included adding more space for student groups such as WGTB, Uncommon Grounds, the office of performing arts and the Women’s Center. Georgetown University Student Association Vice President Ned Segal even proposed adding “pool tables and televisions” to the Center while still keeping “areas to study.”

The 1995 renovations ultimately shaped the Leavey Center into the space we know and love today. Unfortunately, the revamping also required the removal of the building’s video arcade. (That’s right. Leavey had a video arcade. And yes, we’re disappointed it’s gone, too.)

Looking for further suggestions, The 1995 Hoya also decided to ask students for input on what should be placed into the remodeled Leavey. Some Hoyas’ ideas were spot on and others were … well … take a look for yourself:


Congratulations! You Won a Contest I Made Up.


You thought I forgot, didn’t you? I don’t forget. I don’t mess around with competitions. Below, the five winners, and after those, the honorable mentions.

1. The Concealed Identity Selfie.

Five words for you: D.C. Superior Court Community Service. Although their identity is hidden on this unique photoshop job he/she did, you get the idea. Whoever you are, you rock for finding the time to take a selfie when doing community service on a D.C. highway. Way to find the humor in a serious thing. I like you.

2. The Classic (or Angst-y Teen) Selfie.

The self-take is really an art to be mastered, as showcased in this submission. Can’t you almost hear the Simple Plan playing in his room? Maybe too shy to submit them himself, it must be nice to know that you have such a kind friend living in VCE who really appreciates your talent and submitted them to the blog so you could have a chance at fame. Also, this may be a good time for an internet safety lesson: Always be careful with who you send pictures to over the internet, kids — you never know where they’ll show up, am I right?

3. The “Reasons Why You Regret Taking a Snapchat” Selfie.

Busted. It’s really a flaw in the design of SnapChat that you can take a screenshot of the disappearing picture, but as Forrest Gump says, it happens. And it happened that night during finals when you were bored enough to take this. Great work — it literally doesn’t even look like you. And I agree, middle parts are so much fun, Addie!

4. The Landmark Selfie.

So good, so iconic, so active. You Georgetown student, you.

5. The “Good Use of Another Object/Person” Selfie.

Like I said, good use of another object in your selfie. It’s like you’re actually with Wiz Khalifa instead of taking pictures of his picture taped above your bed, you know? Also, the facial expression. Are you guys related? Cousins? Second cousins? Brothers? So curious.

So, congrats. If you see these winners around campus, give ’em a high five. Or don’t if they’re strangers. Or do. #yolo

Casual Thursdays: SuperBuzzed XLVII

casual thursday 1.31

As we wipe the last tears from our eyes and look towards a weekend without Thirds, a new chance to be day-drunk mid-semester graces our Sunday: Super Bowl XLVII. Hope springs eternal. What time is it at? Not sure. Where does it take place? Couldn’t tell you. Who’s playing? Thank heavens for Google. But fear not! Whether you take a special pride in gloating about fantasy victories or meticulously plan your bathroom breaks to miss the game, not the commercials, we can all unite in the simple pleasure of drinking cheap beer and pretending not to double dip in the community salsa. Cheers.

Now if the thought of sipping on lukewarm Natty all evening makes you cringe (you snob) or if you just need something a little stronger to get you through that three-hour pregame show, why not complement those chips and (expired?) guac with a Beer Margarita? (Note: this sounds like something desperate college students would make, but take a good hard look in the mirror buddy. Necessity is the mother of invention.)

And If watching large, scary (let’s talk about Ray Lewis’s helmet) men repeatedly running into each other doesn’t quite hold your attention, we have a game that will.

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Simply Science: SanDisk or DNA?

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Ever get tired of having to lug around that painfully cumbersome flash drive all the time? Do you ever find that your Word documents tend to just fill up your entire terabyte-sized hard drive leaving no room for cat .gifs or unnecessary Photobooth selfies?

Well, you’re in luck.

Every good 7th grade biology student knows that DNA “holds the blueprints for life.”  Now, our good friend Deoxyribonucleic Acid (I had to thrown in the full name somewhere, just to sound smart) might be able to hold on to your pirated copy of Zero Dark Thirty, as well your genetic material.

Scientists have developed new methods to synthesize DNA that holds digital information. You’ve heard of the 0’s and 1’s of computer science’s binary coding system (e.g. 0011010001000101); well, think of what A’s, T’s, C’s, and G’s could do. Through nucleotide encoding (combined with the careful positioning and overlapping of the short encoded strands), scientists have created a potentially revolutionary information storage system.

To demonstrate the sheer epicness of these recent developments, scientists encoded an .MP3 of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, a .txt file containing all of Shakespeare’s sonnets, a .pdf of Watson and Crick’s original paper on the structure of DNA (clever … clever … ) and, finally, a file containing information on the encoding itself. And when it was all put together, it looked to be the size of a small piece of dust. It was then sent to another research facility where it was successfully decoded.

Watson and Crick, 1953

Let’s break down why this is awesome:

  1. The coding is designed to be error-resistant. No more broken files!
  2. Theoretically, we could store at least 100 million hours of high-def video in a single cup of DNA. That is a LOT of episodes of “Entourage.”
  3. DNA lasts for thousands of years, so no need to worry about expiration.
  4. DNA’s size substantially optimizes information storage so it’s efficient!

Yeah, it might sound weird in a way. The same double helix that provides the design for your brain can also store the Word document of your unfortunate “Philosophy of the Mind” essay that you wrote at 3 a.m. the day before it was due. But it is a significant (and can I just say awesome once again) advancement nonetheless.

Don’t head on over to Staples just yet to buy yourself a cup of this storage DNA. People are still working on a commercially viable storage model; and even so, I doubt it would be very student-friendly. I’m not sure that they’d let you use your Flex dollars for the necessary advanced bio-analytic instruments.


Photo: PacificGazette.blogspot.com

*Simply Science is a reoccurring post that aims to make recent scientific discoveries accessible and applicable to the Georgetown student.

I Wanna Dance And Love And Concert. Not Again

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Do you like music, dancing, music and dancing, and being around good looking people that also like music and dancing? Chances are, the answer to all of the above is yes, so check out these concerts around town that are guaranteed to more than satisfy.

Avicii @ D.C. Armory — February 1st Rage with Avicii at the D.C. Armory. Sweat included. Read more here!

Luca Bacchetti @ U Street Music Hall — February 2nd Check out this DJ from Barcelona at U Street Music hall. Free for 21+! Information here

Bon Jovi @ Verizon Center – February 10th Rock and Roll? Why not. It’s now or never. Okay, sorry; I had to. More information here

Madeon @ 9:30 Club – February 21st Topping off our international flow is French house/electro/pop producer Madeon. Oui Oui?


Photo: InternetDJ, PopJustice, UserServe-AK, Blog.Stubpass.WP



What would you do with a $25 gift card to Chipotle, Qdoba, Safeway, Starbucks, Ticketmaster, or Wisey’s?

Well you can find out if you take The Hoya’s feedback survey! We truly appreciate all of our readers, whether is here on the blog, on TheHoya.com or the print paper and The Guide. We would love your feedback to help us service you in the best way possible! Please take a few minutes to take the survey here, because we all know you don’t really want to pay attention to your Bio lecture today.

As an incentive, you will be automatically entered to win a $25 gifts card to one of the locations mentioned above! And just think of the possibilities:

Chipotle You could get THREE steak burritos WITH GUACAMOLE.

Qdoba You could feast for free every Monday for a month! What a great way to get over those Monday blues knowing you wont have to go to Leo’s or pay for food.

Safeway Nutella. Pretzels. All of them.

Starbucks That’s either a few Venti Lattes or one super elaborate Venti, septuple shot, three flavors, soy milk, and flakes of gold.

 Ticketmaster Your favorite band is coming to The Verizon Center? Well subsidize that ticket with this gift card and feel less guilty about buying a shirt at the show!

Wisey’s I don’t even think this needs explanation. Burger. Madness. (You should all know that I personally believe that Burger Madness > Chicken Madness)


ctm preview

Who’s ready for a Riff-Off, Georgetown style? Okay, though perhaps not as aggressive as Pitch Perfect a capella concerts, the 40th annual Cherry Tree Massacre is about to take over the weekends in February and showcase what “a capella” really means here at Georgetown! Come out and enjoy music that will range from your favorite oldies to your favorite Billboard hits and have fun with your friends!

The campus is covered with many a capella groups, all with different varieties and tastes in music. Here’s your chance to experience, compare and enjoy the musical styles of all the different groups and to simply enjoy a long-standing tradition here at Georgetown. There will be performances by our very own Capitol G’s, Chamber Singers, Gracenotes, Phantoms, Saxatones, Superfood and the event’s host, the Georgetown Chimes.  Fortunately for those who are either swamped with work or can’t seem to find the time (which is pretty much the whole student body), the Cherry Tree Massacre will be held in Gaston Hall at 7:30 pm on four separate occasions: February 1st, 2nd, 8th and 23rd. Make sure you get yourself and a couple of friends to one of these events! Buy a ticket in Red Square anytime Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or you can reserve a ticket online here. Tickets are on sale for $10 at Red Square, and $12 online and at the door.

We all know that there exists certain requirements one must complete to essentially be a true Hoya. Well, I’m telling you now, going to the Cherry Tree Massacre is one of them, so get a ticket before you are shunned as an outsider on campus for eternity. Okay, that won’t happen, but seriously, don’t miss out on the fun! See you there! Time for some aca-fun!

Photocreds: All The Kings Men

4E Flix: Pageantry and President-ry

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.08.23 PM

We are only a few weeks into the second semester, and you’ve begun to realize … “Oh, no. I’m already riding the Struggle Bus.” (The Struggle Bus, SB for short, is an imaginary place frequented by psycho-crazy-hard-working students, slackers and just about anyone who is hung over on Sunday morning.)
We at The Fourth Edition know what it’s like, trust us. We’ve seen you in Leo’s, and we would be judging you if we weren’t the very captains of the SB. You may be asking, how can I get off the SB? Hah. We’re still trying to figure that one out too. While we work on that, you should take some time to sit back, relax, and momentarily forget about your never-ending trip to Shambleyville.

Toddlers and Tiaras

t and tIf you want to feel better about yourself, you should definitely watch “The 1000 Pound Man,” but because you don’t necessarily have cable, try Netflix’s “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Start from the very beginning … I promise you will instantly feel better about your life. Guaranteed. Nothing says SB quite like a crazed, insecure, and attention-deprived pageant mom. It’s disgustingly addictive, and you’ll love yourself — and hate — yourself for it.


The West Wing

west wingIf you’re more of an intellectual, you can always catch up on all of those episodes you’ve been wanting to watch of  “The West Wing.” This Aaron Sorkin hit chronicles the life of Josiah Bartlett’s fictional term in the Oval Office. Political intrigue always distracts me from my mountain of gov reading, and I can’t imagine that I’m the only one. Can I get a witness, y’all? Where my gov majors at?? (Answer: everywhere. This is Georgetown after all)



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DFMO 101: Lessons Learned at The Third Edition

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.17.28 PM

Now that the Third Edition, our friendly neighborhood bar (and this blog’s namesake … kinda), has closed its doors for the final time, it’s as good a time as ever to reflect on some of the things that we learned in its hallowed halls. Over the years, we’ve seen Thirds as a haven for freshmen frantically trying to memorize the zip code on their fake IDs and as the spot where you’re most likely to make out with that cutie who sat behind you in micro. But it just wouldn’t be Georgetown without one final look back on it’s impact on our collective college experience. So here it is, the top four things that Thirds taught us all:

Jackets are overrated Nearly everyone who’s been to Thirds has either lost a jacket, unintentionally traded one with a stranger, been way too hot with their jacket still on or felt awkward carrying their jacket while dancing. For the sake of holding onto your own belongings, it’s better to go with a beer jacket (or, more realistically, a Burnett’s jacket) before heading out for the night.

The Buddy System is real — and important Loneliness is pushing your way through a sticky, sweaty crowd alone, not knowing where your bestie has gone. Thirds taught me that a buddy makes everything better — waiting in an infinite bathroom line, fending off creeps or locating that aforementioned cutie from class in the crowd. Plus, keeping a buddy close means you’ll never have to eat pizza alone!

Speak up  Thirds was always known for their theme nights — $2 Kamikaze Night, Ladies’ Night, etc. But my freshman self was most excited about Champagne Night, for a chance to try something slightly better than warm Andre. Unfortunately, when I excitedly asked the bartender for “One champagne, please,” I should have known by the puzzled look on his face that I wasn’t about to enjoy a glass of bubbly. Instead, I got handed a full cup of Jim Beam on ice and paid a steep price for it — in both dollars and bad nights.

Don’t trust any strangers ever But seriously, if someone offers you a beer and says, “It’s not roofied, I promise,” it’s probably roofied. Just don’t do it.

Photo: TheGeorgetownDish.com