Friday Fixa10ns: “How was your break?!?”

Friday Fixat10ns: “How was your break?!” from thehoya on 8tracks Radio.

“How was your break?!” It was good? Good, but short? You spent time with your family? And watched football? And the Jets embarrassed you? Oh, you didn’t do any homework and are now swamped with work for finals that you brought upon yourself by playing with your dog and sitting on the couch for three days? I didn’t know you were going to say any of that!

On that snarky note, after a long week, here we are. Friday. Approaching the last week of classes, finals, and weenter break. Many of you will head out to the Corp Gala this weekend, make a guest appearance at Modern (hip, hip), and others will get intimate with good old Lauinger Library. ‘Tis the season of group projects, short reflection papers (“What did you get out of this class and how does it apply to the bigger picture?”…Bueller? Bueller?), long lines at Midnight Mug (thanks to this girl behind the counters) and holiday sweater themed parties.

Maybe not quite for your Saturday night (no one liked when I played Joan Osbourne yesterday), but below are some jams to carry you through the upcoming week. Listen to the other songs by the artists below – I can vouch for all of them except Savage (and Joan Osbourne).

One of Us – Joan Osbourne  I mean, what if? What is God was one of us? Great party song.

New Ceremony – Dry the River  Give it a a minute to build. One of my favorites, but their album in it’s entirety, Shadow Bed, is definitely for you if you’re looking for a new, loud, folk-rock 5-some.

Kids on the Run – Tallest Man on Earth  If you’re a sucker for a piano ballad and a rough, gravelly voice, you’ll very much enjoy the sounds of TTMOE. Fun Fact – the tallest man who ever lived was 8 feet, 11.1 inches tall, hailing from the U.S. of A.

You’ll Be in My Heart (Tarzan Soundtrack Version) – Phil Collins  It’s not Friday unless you’ve listened to Phil Collins.

Ode to My Family – Cranberries  This CD played in my car for five years straight.

Fix You Up – Tegan and Sara  My absolute favorite Canadian, lesbian, sister, duo band.

Seven Story Mountain – Railroad Earth  Great jam.

Swing – Savage   New favorite song. Apparently, it’s old? Who knew? Fitting to follow up Railroad Earth, no?

Make You Feel Better – Red Hot Chili Peppers  Buy Stadium Arcadium if you don’t have it. Then, read Anthony Kiedis’ biography, Scar Tissue, and call me to discuss.

Happy Christmas (War is Over) – John Lennon 26 days until Christmas (note: 29 days until my birthday). John, Yoko, and the Harlem’s Children Choir. A good, old protest song and my dad’s go-to Christmas song.


How Soon Is Too Soon For Holiday Music?

Too Soon

If their killer holiday music playlist is any indication, our friends at the Guide clearly think that holiday music is fair game after Thanksgiving. Some eager beavers demand their Christmas carols months in advance, and some scrooges don’t want to hear Dominic the Donkey on his holiday rampage until December 24th. So I wanted to ask some of my blogging staff, when is it acceptable to listen to holiday music?

Leila Ali It’s simple. After Black Friday, it’s appropriate to display Christmas decorations/festivities and listen to Christmas music because it’s the next upcoming holiday. Plus it’s more meaningful listening to Christmas hymns and carols when it’s the season to be jolly as opposed to any other time of the year. Then, it’s just weird, and you don’t feel the Christmas jitters and joy as you would when it’s leading up to Christmas.

That’s true. I personally don’t feel that it’s the season to be jolly until I see some snow…but then again, I’m from Albany, New York, so that happens a lot earlier and more frequently there than it does here. I guess I’ll just have to learn to deal.

Karl Pielmeier (KP) – Deputy Editor
It is my humble opinion that there is no wrong time for Christmas music. Sometimes, in the middle of an April shower, or in the soft breeze of an August morning, the only thing I want to hear is Mariah Carey begging me to “make her wish come true,” or telling that “Santa Claus is coming to town.” Christmas music is clearly acceptable at all times of the year. And even if it isn’t, I’m still listening to it when I want to.

Well… that’s just because KP does what he wants whenever he wants.

Marlene Cox Because the spirit of Christmas is better than the fact that Sweet Brown is my distant third cousin*, I would have to say Christmas music is always in season. For the people who say, “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat” well my cousin*, Sweet Brown, and I would like to say “Ain’t you a ho ho ho.”

I’m not sure how to respond to any of this… but to use Marlene’s token adverb, I think my Christmas spirit would be a little “shambly” if I listened to holiday music year-round.

Michelle Cassidy – Contributing Editor
Call me a curmudgeon, but I don’t want to be hearing Christmas music 24/7 until I’m done with finals and sitting at home double fisting Christmas cookies. I’ll only make an exception for the new Backstreet Boys Christmas song, but that’s only because I have a crush on Nick Carter.

I have a strong allegiance to the younger of the Carter brothers, so I’ll be listening to this song while I stuff my face full of these.

Anna Goldberg If there’s no snow, I say no. I’m with you Lindsay!

Yes. Gold stars for Anna.

Kate Wellde – Deputy Editor
When the leftovers are gone. That’s when you can start playing Mariah Carey.

Mmh, preach. This is officially my new stance on this topic. Case closed. 

So fellow Hoyas, when do you think it’s acceptable to break out the Michael Bublé Christmas? (Well actually…any Michael Bublé is always acceptable, but you get my point)

When is it acceptable to start listening to holiday music?

The Five People You’ll Meet at a Basketball Game

Well, folks, it’s back. By ‘it’, we mean the beacon of hope amidst these trying times. Among papers, finals and crying in the corner of Lau, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, the ray of sunshine beaming through your window on a soft and snowy morning, the central tenet of your existence for the coming months. Yes, Hoyas, it’s basketball season.

The Hoyas might only be four games into the season, but even in four short games, one must learn to expect the unexpected with Hoya Basketball … cough cough, UCLA. But, in the spirit of our favorite game and our favorite time of year, here is something every Hoya fan can come to expect when he or she steps into the hallowed Verizon Center. Here are the five people you’re sure to meet at a Hoya Basketball Game:

The Drunken Potty Mouth It isn’t Hoya Basketball if this person isn’t at the game. They smell a little bit like beer, and they sound a little bit like this. Beware, opposing team, nothing is off-limits for this person. Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ husband, and hide yo’ point guard, because they’re cussin’ err’body out here.

The Fan Who Doesn’t Know Anything About Basketball This person is virtually the opposite of our friend Joe (see below). He or she is characterized by looking the wrong way during the game, cheering for offense instead of saying defense, and consistently asking, “What just happened?” They probably aren’t wearing the Student Section Shirt, and they actually probably don’t even go here.

The Stats Freak This person knows that the Hoyas are 0-1, that Otto Porter used to average 8.1 points per game (we miss you, Otto!), that David Allen is exactly 6 foot 2, and that Tyler Adams is 2 for 2 in free throws this season. If you’re sitting next to this numbers-junkie, we’re sorry. But there’s a 95.6% chance that he or she isn’t.

Joe Fiorica The man. The myth. The legend. Hoya Blue’s fearless leader. Our loudest chanter. The President, nay, almighty ruler of Georgetown’s go-to group for sports-enthusiasts and school-spirit-junkies. If you don’t see Rennie screaming in the front of the student section, either he’s dead or you’re in the wrong stadium.

You You’re the happy mix of everything: the Hoya fan, the basketball fan and the social butterfly. You’re out to have a good time, spend an evening with your friends, and watch the Hoyas crush their opponents … watch out, rivals. So kick back, friend. Just relax, and enjoy the arena food. Hoya Saxa!

Photo: Georgetown Univeristy

An Open Letter to the Leo’s Pasta Station

Dear Pasta Station at Leo’s,

When I met you during my first week at Georgetown, we hit it off right away. You were so popular and everyone spoke so highly of you, especially in comparison to the other options, and I found you compelling and exciting.

We had some great carb-filled evenings and I truly cherish the time we spent together, but I think it’s time that I move onto something new. The people that work for you get mad at me when I ask for more spinach and I literally have to wait for half an hour in line just to see you every night. I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment. It’s not me, it’s you.

I’ve found someone more accessible and independent who is constantly adapting to meet my needs. Please don’t get jealous, but the Salad Bar and I have been spending more and more time together these past few weeks and I think there’s a real connection there. The roasted red peppers, mint watermelon feta salad, edamame and grilled vegetable couscous are just too hard to resist. I’m sorry I had to tell you this way, but you just weren’t satisfying me the way you used to. I hope we can still be friends.



Activities for You and Your Cold Weather Crush

Feeling cold? There’s nothing like body heat to do the trick, so why not grab a date to keep you warm? I mean, come on guys, it’s simple science. As the leaves fall away and we’re left with a cooler climate to contend with, take solace in all the new date possibilities that become available. So make yourselves available… winter wonder is in store for all of you.

  1. Ice Skating: Girls, we know you (thought you) were a figure skater when you were just younger, show off those figure eights. Guys, your move is not having any moves, do you need to hold on tight to keep yourself from falling (head over heels)? The tighter the better… or if you’re both skating aficionados, there’s always room for a little friendly competition to bring people together. Racing anyone?
  2. Coffee: It’s cold, you need something warm, and just like in the movies you get asked out for a coffee date. It’s simple, it’s casual, and it’s cute. Do it. Nothing like watching the snow fall with a hot drink in your hand. Hot chocolate is also always an option. As is Irish coffee: nothing like a little alcohol to spice things up.
  3. Sea Catch: Good food. Fireplace. Done. Talk a walk by the canal when you’re done eating for some prime hand holding time.
  4. Movies: We all know what Christmastime means: movie releases. Not what you were thinking? Oh… Well then. Take a date to the movies for some cold air relief. It’s dark, you get to sit…. The upsides are endless.
  5. Concerts: Hit up the 9:30 club for some awesome shows. Nada Surf, G. Lov and Special Sauce (saucy!), and Alex Clare are in the next month’s line up. As you dance and sing along in a crowd of people, pushed together by the mosh pit, you can’t help but enjoy. You might want to skip Purity Ring’s performance… no no we kid.

I just wanted to let you guys know that in researching this article someone suggested strip bowling as a date idea, yep, take that for what you will, whatever it may be.

Stay warm, stay toasty, here here to winter cuddling, snuggling, and all around debauchery.


A Closer Look at Hoya Court’s Artwork

Have you ever noticed this piece of art in Hoya Court?

Maybe its the fluorescent lights, or the glow of the Pizza Hut sign, or the leftover crumbs on all of the tables that have distracted me for the past year and two months, but I’d never noticed the art in here before tonight. As I got up for a 2 a.m. walk around, a break from drawing in the margins of my textbook, I noticed this piece of art.

I’m all for artists having freedom of expression and doing their thing. Art is cool. I just think it was an interesting choice that in the food court, they chose to put a piece that features cows on a conveyor belt. Look closely. Do you see them?

It is a legitimate conveyor belt, and the end result seems to be some sort of Mexican cuisine. What? Are you trying to show me how my chicken quesadillas start and end? That’s sad. I’d rather live in blissful ignorance of that. Is that so wrong? What is this social commentary on meat production in America doing in Hoya Court?! Does no one see this as a direct jab at KFC? Subway? Taco Bell?

Just thought I’d give my two cents.

Friday Fixat10ns: Going Back Home

Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner, and some people are headed home this weekend. While Georgetown may seem like every Hoya’s home, it’s always nice to kick it back in your hometown with family and friends. This playlist has the songs you may have listened to back in your tween and teenage years, along with some more contemporary songs. It’s got the some of them throwback jams, so why wouldn’t you listen? Make the most out of your break — bump these tunes.

Coming Home – Diddy ft. Skylar Grey I think everyone knew this song was going to be on this playlist, and it fit too well for me to leave it out. Look at the title of the song, isn’t it obvious?

New York State of Mind – Nas Everyone has a different opinion about the real anthem of their hometown. It’s pretty hard to deny that Nas defined the New York rap experience. It was hard picking between this and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” but Nas did it earlier, so it has more of the nostalgic feel to it.

California Love – Tupac ft. Dr Dre and Roger Troutman  Even though I rep New York City, I didn’t forget about the West Side Hoyas. It might be because I’m ignorant, but I think this song matches the criteria of “hometown anthem” the best for those of you flying out West for the break. If you’re not into Tupac (what? You don’t like Tupac?) you can substitute this out for the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Dani California” but I would advise against it.

Grew Up Fast – J. Cole Regardless of where you call home, I think all will agree that there’s some aspect of our childhood or hometown that we miss. Let J. Cole rep for your crew: “Can’t fit nothing in her pockets, she got too much ass/Like, god damn, well if you must ask,/We from the school of hard knocks, but your crew cut class.”

All The Small Things – Blink 182 Some may say that this song is soft compared to the previous ones, but punk rock was big when we were young. Even if you didn’t like this genre of music, this tune is catchy, and you probably know the lyrics from hearing it so often when you were younger. This is a real throwback, so enjoy.

Fat Lip – Sum 41 You can tell that this is in the same genre and era as the previous song because the band names of the time were done like Mad Libs: (Random Word) (Random Number). But if you weren’t jamming and feeling like a rebel to “Fat Lip” when you were younger, you were missing out.

Hey Ya! – Outkast As long as we’re keeping it throwback and nostalgic, we can up the intensity level a little. I haven’t met a single person who a) doesn’t like this song and b) didn’t jam out to it as a kid.

Kids – Chiddy Bang  The MGMT original is a great song in its own right, but the lyrics to this tune describes us well when we were younger: “Hey yo I once was a kid all I had was a dream/mo money mo problems, when I get it Imma pile it up/Now I’m dope, wonderbread we can toast/So fresh how we glow, everybody get their style from us” — we’ll love it when we see our old friends and family again, but we doing big things here in D.C.

Beautiful Girl – Sean Kingston Going back home means going back to your high school romance. Nothing’s quite like teenage puppy love so reminisce about the good times and bad with Sean Kingstong.

Jump Around – House of Pain You’re at the end of the playlist – are you home yet? If you are, get hype with this song. If you’re not, hit replay. You know you want to.



Best Bets: And the Turkey Looms

The lyrics to the song “Home” by Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeros have a particularly nice ring to them these days. Finally, only one weekend separates us from that long sought after day of inhaling mashed potatoes and stuffing. We have only to endure a few more essays before packing up our bags with a dream and a cardigan and heading back home. This weekend, there are various events we should keep our eyes out for that will make time fly faster and begin prepping us for the holiday seasons.

Thursday: Honor our Veterans

>Thursday, November 15 | 3:30-4:30. Copley Lawn. Come honor our veterans, some of whom may be our friends here at Georgetown. For those of you who are new to the area, come witness a patriotic and emotional event for many who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of your future

Friday: A Civil War Christmas, Dance Company Performance

>Friday, November 16 | 6pm-8pm Gonda. Theater Come watch The Nomadic Theater’s musical inspiration, A Civil War Christmas. Get into the season a little early with a story that begins on the Eve of Christmas in 1864, in the midst of a country teeming with war.

>Friday, November 16 | 8pm Walsh Building; Black Box Theater. Georgetown University Dance Company. Come wiggle along in those dancing shoes that have been pent up in your closet.

Saturday: A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration, 8pm.

Sunday: Graduate School Turkey Bowl; Civil War Christmas at 2 pm.

>Sunday, November 18 | 4:30pm-8pm Kehoe Field. Come get down and dirty and watch the first year grad students take on the second year grad students at Kehoe field. The game is followed by a traditional Thanksgiving meal and all proceeds go towards Habitat for Humanity. Tickets are $10.

Casual Thursday: 007

Vesper Martini


Its name is Thursday, Casual Thursday. With Skyfall now playing in theaters, we at the Hoya couldn’t help but give a little shout out to the sexiest, British-Secret-Service-Agent known to the fictional world. James Bond has made the Vesper a symbol of luxury, power, and sex. So who wouldn’t want to order a “vodka martini. Shaken. Not stirred.”?  The answer… no one. Everyone secretly wants to be that chiseled god…who “mixes business with girls and thrills.”

A little history behind the Vesper: the original recipe calls for three measures of Gordon’s Dry Gin, one measure of good Vodka (not Burnett’s), a half a measure of Lillet (an expensive French appertif wine with hints of herb and lemon), and a large lemon peel for garnish. The Bond Girl is then supposed to shake these ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, strain, serve it, and proceed to the bedroom.

The point is a Vesper is not necessarily available to most Hoyas…a good martini can be pretty pricey. Our staple drinks seem to be Natty Light or flavored Burnett’s and some sort of fizzy chaser. So what to do? You want a casual Thursday, but you want your drink of choice on the caliber of 007’s.

Try these recipes!

The Hoya Vesper

>Three measures of dry gin

>One and a half measures of Lemon Burnett’s

>One lemon peel (if you are feeling extra fancy)

Measure into your make-shift-red-solo-cup-cocktail-shaker. Gently shake (you do not want to melt the ice or break your priceless shaker). Strain and pour into your finest red solo cup. Serve with a dash of lemon juice for a little extra pizazz.

007 Punch (for a gathering)

>Two 2-liter servings of dry gin

>One bottle of Lemon Burnett’s

>One 2-liter bottle of Minute Maid Lemonade

Mixes easy. Just add people. Be sure to blast Adele’s Skyfall

Photo cred:

Cat Wins Third in Virginia Senate Race

Everyone knows election season can get a bit catty, but this year’s race for Virginia’s Senate Seat got cattier than usual when Hank The Cat, a Maine coon from Northern Virginia garnered over 7,000 votes and took third place in the hotly contested race.

Hank “the Tank” led a fierce campaign against Democratic Senator-elect Tim Kaine and Republican former Sen. George Allen, the latter candidates being separated by a mere 180,000 votes out of the nearly 3.7 million votes cast.

Hank and his owners, Anthony Roberts and Matthew O’Leary, pitched a fierce, fabulously feline platform for their furry friend, with slogans that included “Milk in every bowl,” “Vote the humans out,” and “Our time is MEOW!” In addition, Roberts, O’Leary, and “Friends of Hank” spent nearly 12 hours at polling stations on Election Day, trying to gain last-minute votes.

Was the Hank campaign “purr-fect?” Clearly not. But despite the loss, Hank and his owners have raised over $60,000 for animal rescue organizations, including Four Paws, Animal Allies, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, and a Russian animal welfare organization (chosen by a foreign “Friend of Hank” who helped design campaign merchandise.)

Want to learn more about Hank and his friends? Visit his campaign website here. Not interested? Here is a cute cat video to spice up your Wednesday. Meow.

Photo Credit: Hank For Senate, EMM