Autumn on the Hilltop

Congrats Hoyas — you’re on one of the best campuses to be on this autumn. According to, Georgetown is sixth in the nation for best autumn campuses. As it says on the website, we should consider ourselves lucky with our “…picturesque New England trees and cool, crisp air.”

Although it may not feel like it with Hurricane Sandy knocking down some our gorgeous New England trees, the neighborhood is looking a lot better with the decorations out in force. We’ve got a distinct flavor in the neighborhood; walks around campus and the surrounding area are better than usual.

Georgetown is also highly ranked because of our Halloween traditions. As most students know, The Exorcist is a horror movie near and dear to the Hoya heart. The annual screening of the film in Gaston Hall is followed by the “Healy Howl.” Students go to the cemetery by Healy Hall and let out their best howl. (This is post is from a while ago, but this tradition also places Georgetown on the list of “10 Strange College Traditions“)

If you don’t feel too appreciative of how nice the area is looking, don’t worry. There’s plenty of time and the colors on the trees are just showing up now. The days where you can sit down on a nice green lawn and nap are numbered; enjoy your campus Hoyas.


The Five People You’ll Meet On Lau 2

Midterms. You’re stressed, you’re scared, you’re underprepared. Your hall is loud at all hours of the night, the Leavey center is just too far from your dorm, and you’re desperately looking for a place to study. You also can’t stand extreme silence while you work and so you head to Lau 2. Here’s a little guide to the five people you may find there:

1. The Loner They tend to sit alone at a table built for six with their headphones on and their heads buried behind their Macbook pros. You’re probably wondering to yourself why they aren’t just in a cubicle. It would serve them the same purpose and then you wouldn’t have to push those awkwardly shaped tables outside of Midnight Mug together so that your Spanish study group can actually sit in the same place.

2. The Crazy Whether they’re sitting on the ground in defeat after trying to get their laptop charger to reach the closest-but-still-not-very-close outlet, or they’re pulling their hair out at 3am while poring over Hobbes’ Leviathan, they kind of scare the living crap out of you. These people have clearly lost it and you should probably steer clear of them in case they have a nervous breakdown and go psycho on you.

3. The Social Butterfly There’s always that one person flitting from table to table, engaging their masses of friends in conversation as though they don’t have a care in the world. They’ll probably return to their respective table at some point, pull out their computer and Skype with a friend while browsing through some of last weekend’s Facebook pictures. They might even pull out a deck of cards and play Spit with their fellow butterflies.

4. The Sleeper This is pretty self-explanatory. This poor soul has fallen asleep in one of those red-ish/brown chairs in the middle of the room with their mouth lolling open while their forgotten psychology reading falls from their lap. Maybe they’re just field-testing Freud’s philosophies on dreaming?

5. You You’ve got Self Control turned on with an extensive blacklist, your trusty Red Eye in hand to get you through the 1 a.m. slump, and you have a six page theology paper due tomorrow of which you have finished approximately zero pages of. And now you’ve just wasted a solid half hour watching the other people on Lau doing questionable things… and then another 10 minutes reading this blog post. Better get to work!

A Very Last Minute Hoya Halloween

If these Hoyas aren’t doing Halloween right, I don’t know who is.

Just like this past Fourth of July, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, and thus, there is mass confusion regarding which weekend is really Halloween. Technically, since it falls on Wednesday night, you’re more than halfway through the five day school/work week so it would be this coming weekend, but, if you consider the week starting on Sunday, maybe it’s really the weekend before? Unclear. To solve this dilemma, many have opted into a 10 day continuous celebration — fun in the beginning — but now, six days into Halloween, has left many with bodies rebelling against polyester costumes and skin tired of oil-based face paints.

As a result of Hallo-polooza, I sit on Lau 1 catching up from the past six days. Halloween and a Hurricane (alliteration, check) was quite the destructive force on my homework. If you were smarter about it, and are one of the lucky ones able to continue the Halloween celebrations as early as tomorrow, I commend you. I also hope you know you’re too late for Amazon Prime at this point, but never fear — below are some ideas for your last minute costumes.

Ghost/Witch/Pumpkin. The classics. I feel like only kids under the age of 12 do these costumes nowadays, but I can’t understand why. What is easier than cutting two holes out of a white sheet, or putting a pillow underneath your orange t-shirt? What about dressing in all black and painting green warts on your face and being a witch? I don’t think I saw a single witch, ghost or pumpkin this past weekend. But I understand… if all of your friends wanted to be sexy fruit, then I guess you have to be sexy fruit (definitely not a real costume though). This would really be the way to go.

Voldemort. Put tape on your nose vertically to distort the shape of it and then another piece horizontally to keep it that way. Black robes and/or clothing, and you’re set, but everyone hates you for murdering Harry’s parents.

The Joker. If you can get your hands on a purple jacket and are having a particularly awful hair day, try it out.  It’s scary what you can find on the Internet — this is not my child, but he’s killing it.

(Zombie) Tourist. Put on your fanny pack, long socks, khakis, Hawaiian print shirts, straw hats, zinc sunscreen on your nose. To make it even better, paint your face white, make your eyes dark and your lips red, and voila, you are a zombie tourist. Creative.

The Grady Daughters (aka those twins from The Shining). Find a friend and a blue dress and tall white socks and some face paint and you have an easy, recognizable Halloween costume.

I hope you enjoy Halloween tomorrow, even though we didn’t wake up to a HOYAlert of more class cancellations this morning. Maybe next hurricane.

Music to Get You Through Sandy

Happy Hurricane Party from thehoya on 8tracks Radio.

Depending on whether you live in a leaky dorm or a cozy apartment, your hurricane is either awful or awesome. You’re either using trash cans to keep water out from your room or watching Jim Cantore get inundated by the storm surge in NYC. Regardless, you could definitely use these Hurricane Sandy-related songs to get you through the night

Hurricane — MS MR This beautiful song will lull you into a peaceful sleep and you’ll definitely be no longer worried about the wind and rain outside.

Hurricane Drunk — Florence + The Machine Maybe this will be some of you tonight. Stay safe!!!

Butterflies and Hurricanes — Muse One of the biggest reasons why I’m currently enjoying the hurricane is that it made me rediscover this song.

Rainy Monday — Shiny Toy Guns What a rainy Monday this has been. I don’t think it’s stopped raining all day.

Sand Castles Black x Blue — Theophilus London Get it? Sand for Sandy? OK, maybe not, but this song is really a great song.

Cyclone — Baby Bash Sandy’s moving her body like a cyclone. (I got this joke from Hurricane Sandy’s twitter account.)

Hurricane — The Hush Sound Another awesomely chill song about hurricanes. Which is weird, because hurricanes aren’t really that chill.

Sandy — John Travolta from Grease Haha. I’m funny.

The Five People You’ll Meet During Hurricane Sandy

Sandy, you’re the one that we want. Well… at least until the wind, rain and chill sets in… We’re all mutually soaking in the joy at not having classes, but Hurricane Sandy changes people. So here is a little guide for the five people you will meet during Hurricane Sandy.

1. The Paranoid One If you were to walk into this person’s dorm room you’d probably find 2-3 flashlights, complete with enough extra batteries to power all the clocks in the ICC. If you open their fridge you’d find gallons of water (despite the fact that tons of free water is falling from the sky…) They’ve probably built some sort of bomb shelter stocked with Twinkies in case Sandy somehow turns nuclear.

2. The Non-Believer Despite the sheets of rain, aggressive wind and city-wide shut downs, this person refuses to acknowledge that there is a hurricane going on. They continue to go on with their normal schedules and tweet holier-than-thou remarks about how Hurricane Sandy is ‘totally not a big deal’ and how they’re going to go for a jog or run errands on M street casually. Yes, good luck with that.

3. The Partier HURRICANE SANDY RAGERRRRR. Nobody’s mad. Apparently, to this person, when classes are cancelled it means that all obligations and responsibilities are also cancelled. That test that they were supposed to have today? Hah, no longer a concern. HOMEWORK, I VANQUISH THEE.

4. The Scrooge-Professor Some of you may be unlucky enough to encounter one of these. While you’re in the midst of celebrating not having to turn in your work or do the readings, this professor is looking for a way to rain on your hurricane. You will most likely receive an email from them, asking you to e-mail your homework in or complete an extra assignment about that day’s reading. Cue huge groan.

5. You You’re trying to be pumped about the time off but can’t shake the feeling that you really should be writing that history paper you have due Friday. You’re just enjoying the excuse to wear sweatpants everywhere without being judged and trying to recuperate from Halloweekend part I. But hey, this storm wont last forever so if I were you, I’d stop reading this blog post because your teachers are going to go full throttle when classes start again to make up for all this time off. Time to break out the books…or the pumpkin lattes and Netflix, either works.

Surviving Sandy: Food Edition

As Hurricane Sandy descends on the East coast, we’re all making last minute preparations before the storm traps us inside. The worst of the storm is yet to come, so if you still need to grab supplies, now’s the time to do it. Lots of places are running low on bottled water and flashlights, but there’s still some things to be had if you know where to look. Nobody wants to make a long trek just to come face to face with a closed sign, so we put on our journalist pants and found out which places are still open. We’ll be updating this list as we hear updates on business hours. Wisemiller’s – Normal hours: grab a Chicken Madness to tide you over during Hurricane Madness) The Tombs – Kitchen closed at 3 p.m. Corp Services – Closed Quick Pita – Normal hours Wingo’s – Normal hours Eat & Joy – Normal hours Chipotle – Closed Tuscany – Closed Booey’s – Closed Dean & Deluca – Closed Dixie Liquor – Will remain open until 8 p.m.

Friday Fixat10ns: Lighten Up

Friday Fixat10ns: Lighten Up from thehoya on 8tracks Radio.

Stress is everywhere these days. Exams, essays, late nights at lau – it’s time to lighten up. I was considering dropping a heavy, darker Halloween playlist but this week just isn’t right for it. Leaves are falling, everything is getting a bit more color to it; we need a playlist to match the campus ambience. Just let this one go on your speakers and do whatever you want.

Just a Friend – Biz Markie Any topic can be made light with the right beat and the rights bars. One of the greatest songs on a classic theme: that two-timing skank.

Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin What more needs to be said? The playlist in a nutshell.

Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant This playlist can be misconstrued as a lazy playlist, but this songs proves it all wrong. You can be laid back without being a bum. Get jumpin to this one.

Superstitious – Stevie Wonder The riffs and beat is absolutely jammin. Weather is getting nice and trees are getting pretty, so go outside and nod your head to this one. Classic.

Here Comes Your Man – Pixies And even if you don’t got one, it doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you do! Upbeat, catchy, and a song you wouldn’t mind having stuck in your head.

Fly Like An Eagle – Steve Miller Band I first heard this song while watching Space Jam (one of the greatest films ever made), and got back into it senior year summer. Everybody says the word “chill” is overused, but this song is, no doubt, chill.

Before I Got High – Afroman This playlist does not encourage any sort of illegal behavior, but it does encourage kicking it back with friends and having a good time.

The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang One vice for another! Good times all around!

I Want You Back – The Jackson 5 I think any input on my part would detract from the pure beauty of this song.

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley “Every little thing is gonna be alright” – you probably hear this a lot from your friends when you break down while studying. If you don’t, hear it from the man.

Best Bets- HOLLAween

Why “HOLLAween”? Unfortunately it’s not actually Halloween, but Honey Boo Boo agrees that any time is an appropriate time to celebrate. So you should be stoked because you now have TWO weekends to party. Come on, Hoyas! Party like Honey Boo Boo when she is on her Go-Go juice!

You may be saying to yourself “It’s not Halloween yet.” False. Honey Boo Boo declared it to be HOLLAween. So with this declaration, sanction is now provided for every fairy-winged and tutu-ed girl you will see stumbling home tomorrow night.

What to do for HOLLAween?

Friday:  HOLLAween Laser Tag and The Cabin In The Woods

>Friday, Oct. 26 | 10pm to 1am Copley Lawn. Do you like shooting things with lasers, dressing in questionable outfits while shooting said things, wearing a mask while shooting things in said questionable outfit,  and carving random vegetables while doing all of the above?

Then you’re in luck! Go to Copley Lawn this Friday and you will be welcomed by your comrades who share your affinity for strange clothes, masks, guns, and carving.

Side Note: They have s’mores. S’MORES, I tell you. So, seriously…go!

>Friday, Oct. 26; ICC Auditorium| The Cabin In The Woods. 8pm and 11pm.

“Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. (Ooo, scandy.) Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.”

That plot pretty much sums up my life,* but it’s definitely worth your time. Bring some popcorn, a friend, and a blanket! It’ll make you holla for a dolla.

Saturday: Rocky Horror Picture Show

>Saturday, Oct. 27; E Street Theater | 11pm-2am.

“A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.”

Dress up (or down), throw popcorn, hoot and HOLLA! Rocky Horror is the epitome of the HOLLAween experience. Tickets are $5. If you are a virgin to the Rocky Horror Show experience check out this website so you’ll fit in like the old timers…

“GPB is providing discounted tickets and transportation to the Rock Horror Picture Show. Bus leaving at 11pm and arriving at the theater at 11:30pm. Show begins at 12am and will end at 1:45am. Bus will return by 2am. For tickets stop by the GPB Office in Leavey 426!”

You do NOT want to miss this. It’ll be the single greatest thing you will ever do*…besides religiously reading the Hoya Blog. (shameless Hoya promo)

Sunday: Boo At The Zoo

If you’re not preoccupied with beating the walk-of-shame-traffic-jam, you should totally go check out the zoo this Sunday!

For the Hoyas who prefer to have a tame HOLLAween, this is the perfect opportunity! Go with a group of friends or maybe even a date! HOLLA!

Candy, costumes, and cuddly animals…what else can be so fulfilling? The answer is nothing. That’s right, no thing is more fulfilling than your experience at the zoo this coming Sunday. SO, unless you want to be unfulfilled for the rest of your adult life…go to the zoo.*

Happy HOLLAween, Hoyas! Party hardy, party smarty! You don’t want to look like this on Monday…

Or if you do, be sure to keep it classy like Honey Boo Boo. Her special juice did help her win…obviously.


That’s So Ramen

I don’t have any food in my dorm. As a result, I’m forced to go to Leo’s or the Leavey Center to get Grab N Go if I want something quick to eat. My schedule sometimes doesn’t give me enough time to make the trip there. Most people would consider my situation hopeless — but that’s because they don’t know that I have stacks on stacks of instant ramen. It’s terrible for your health and if it’s all you eat, you can get sick of it quickly. Besides that, I love ramen because of its versatility and convenience. Here are some ways to prepare it that you may not have known:

Pour the boiling water in the bag

This is probably the most low-rent (and convenient!) way to eat instant ramen. Open up the bag at the top, and pour all the soup base, vegetables, and whatever else you want into the bag. Then pour boiling water into the bag, holding the bag upright so no water spills out. Hold the bag by the top for a few minutes. Open up, and enjoy right out of the bag!

Raw Ramen

Just open up the bag, pour the soup base in the bag, throw out the vegetables, and crush the brick of noodles (all in the bag). After you break the noodles up into bite-sized pieces, shake up the bag to spread the soup base. Just eat right out of the bag!

Cheese on Ramen

This is a little ambitious for many people. I’m not a fan of it, but I know many that are. After you prepare the ramen the normal way, put one or two slices of any type of cheese on it and watch it melt. Sounds good in theory, but something about it just doesn’t work for me. Maybe it will for you!

Egg on Ramen

This is much more conventional. Just crack an egg into the pot or bowl right after you pour the boiling water and eat it when it solidifies.

Rice with Soup

After you finish eating the ramen, you can put the leftover soup to good use! Put rice into the leftover soup and enjoy!

Ramen on Ramen

Okay, now it’s getting a little contrived, but this is a real recipe! There are different brands of instant ramen and each has its own distinct taste. I personally like mixing the classic Shin Ramen and the thicker udon-type Neoguri ramen


Do You Know Your Hoya ABC’s?

After sharing my Freshman fails with you, it got me thinking: what are the fundamental things every Georgetown student should know? Or, at least, what are the things so basic that even I, a fresh little freshy, know about being a student here. So test yourself, do you know your Hoya ABC’s?

Acronyms: GUGS, GUSA, GUAFSCU, GUTS… by now you should know that around here ‘GUAVA JUICE’ (Georgetown uses acronyms very abundantly, just understand it’s commonly exercised)

Bagels: They are the best bang for your buck on campus in my opinion. From the toasted Asiago bagel from MUG/UG to the free bagels on Lau 2 after Midnight Mug closes, they’re the best way to quench your hunger on a budget.

Chicken Madness: $7.50. Wisey’s. Heaven. ‘Nuff said. 

Dahlgren quad fountain: Make sure you take a swim in it before you graduate! (Maybe even pour a little laundry detergent in the nozzle and take a nice bubble bath!).

Epicurean: it’s a great place to treat yourself when you’re sick of Leo’s (aka always) or to just watch the game with friends (unless your team loses and then your friends have license rub it in your face in public…this is the mistake I made when I watched the Pats-Seahawks game this past Sunday with my friend from Seattle. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore.)

Fight Song: It’s been so long since last we met, lie down forever, lie down… this is the reason I’m broke. Online ordering from tons of restaurants for delivery right to your door step… or I guess dorm* step. 

Hoya Saxa: By now, you should know what Hoya Saxa means and should be able to succinctly explain it to your non-Georgetown friends from home. 

Continue reading “Do You Know Your Hoya ABC’s?”