Friday Fixat10ns: Teen Angst

Friday Fixat10ns: Teen Angst from thehoya on 8tracks.

Summer camps have started to invade the Hilltop. Yep, high schoolers are now trouncing the grounds of our campus, buying frappucinos and other blended drinks at UG and giggling loudly at the new drama. For those of us who have totally forgotten the awkwardness and drama of high school, it’s a blast from the past. So, we’ve prepared some songs to get you ready for the impending invasion of teenagers.

Teen Idle — Marina & the Diamonds Oh, to be a depressed teenager again. This song rocks. (And who doesn’t wish that they were the prom queen?) We totally understand you, Marina.

Eighteen Cool — Hoodie Allen Typical Hoodie. Super clever lyrics, rapping slightly faster than I can rap myself, and a super catchy chorus.

We Are Golden — Mika The first lines sum it all up: “Teenage dreams in a teenage circus, running around like a clown on purpose. Who gives a damn about the family you come from? No giving up when you’re young and you want some!”

Girls and Boys in School — Neon Trees Why is it that all songs about teenagers are both awesome and super angsty at the same time?

When You Were Young — The Killers Whenever an excuse to put up a Killers song on one of these mixes, I take it.

We Are Young — 3OH!3 I had to choose between the two popular songs called “We Are Young.” I decided to go with 3OH!3 because I assumed that more high schoolers have heard this song than the other one. (Although, who knows, the other one was in Glee, I’m told).

Teenage Dream — Katy Perry Which teenage boys do not dream of seeing Katy Perry in the outfit she wore in this music video? That’s the teenage dream right there.

Teen Angst — M83 I may or may not have named this playlist after this song. #sorryimnotsorry

Fifteen — Taylor Swift Technically, I could have used any Taylor Swift song, because they’re all about being a teenager. And because she was a teenager when she wrote them. And because she always talks about teen drama. But this one fitst teenage angst the best.

Pumped Up Kicks — Foster the People No matter how much people like this song, I still insist that this is the most disturbing song about teenagers ever written.

Hot Spots to Cool Off: Down Dog Yoga

It’s 104 degrees outside. Sweat starts to drip down your forehead like 2 seconds after you walk outside. And so, D.C. (and indeed the entire mid-Atlantic) are looking for some relief from the heat. And so all of the usual hot spots to cool off (your fro-yo shops and fancy milkshake restaurants) are probably all going to be packed. So why not cool off with some hot yoga?

Yeah, I know, it may seem counterintuitive to go to hot yoga on a day when you could do hot yoga outside (and you’d probably sweat more there). It’s not. Hot yoga is a great way to cool off on a hot day like today. Why?? Sweat. Sure, it might be unbearable to walk from the heat into… well, more heat. At first. But then, you change your perspective (as only yoga makes you do). Trust us, the best way to cool off on this hottest of summer days is to sweat it all out, get some energy flowing and do some ujjayi breathing.

Down Dog Yoga is the Georgetown yoga hotspot. It’s typical Georgetown, also. Hot girls in yoga pants with iPhones and bros looking to workout their core (along with some way-to-healthy D.C. businesspeople) converge on the small studio at Potomac and the Canal to practice yoga and sweat.

If you’ve never done yoga before, today’s your day. Every Friday, the Georgetown yoga studio has a free community class at 4 p.m. If not, classes are $12 for a drop-in (or you can start your free week of yoga for unlimited yoga for the next week). After your class, run over to the plethora of fro-yo shops or run down to the waterfront to douse yourself in that fountain. Note: Stay hydrated. You lose a lot of water in the heat and humidity. And even more in yoga.

And stay tuned for more hot spots this weekend: There is supposed to be record breaking heat until at least Sunday.

Down Dog Yoga
1046 Potomac St. NW
Washington, DC
10 minute walk from campus

Casual Thursday: Gotta Get Down on Pie Day

The battle of pie versus cake is long and storied, dating back to ancient times. You’ve probably heard Marie Antoinette’s response to her starving peasants, “Let them eat cake!” But you probably haven’t heard Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s exasperated declaration “Is everybody crazy? Pie is clearly the better choice!”

Personally, I’m inclined to agree with good old King Tut. I’ve been championing the pie cause my whole life, and avoiding cake wherever I can (excluding Carvel ice cream cakes). The world is finally coming around to my point of view, and pies are slowly making their way to the top of the trendy desserts hierarchy. D.C. has some great pie shops, including Dangerously Delicious Pies and Georgetown’s very own Pie Sisters, but that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about today. I’m here to talk to you about a cocktail that includes all that’s good in the world, and it’s called ‘Liquid Pie.’

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Summer InternTips: Making Your Job More Interesting

Every intern has experienced the same problem at some point: Everyone around them is doing awesome things, but they’re stuck fixing a spreadsheet, filing papers, Googling random facts about something or waiting for a new job assignment. Everyone seems busy. The intern is not. Everyone is having interesting conversations. The intern misses out on them because they’re filing mail in the back room or running to get something signed. It sucks, especially because the point of internships is not to sort papers, but rather to learn how to function in a workplace and gain some experience for our impending real life.

In order to start doing more interesting work, however, you might have to show some extra initiative, perform better on your current boring work or have what may be an awkward conversation with you boss. Luckily for you, we here at 4E have some tips for you.

1. Make it clear you want to move up at work. It can be hard to be enthusiastic about dull work, but bosses love to see you be enthusiastic about your work. If you’re excited (or willing to do grunt work), you will certainly be excited to do exciting work. If you do well in boring work, you’re more likely to do well in more complex and interesting jobs. Bosses also don’t put a lot of faith into people that can’t even fix a spreadsheet. You need to do the boring stuff to move up.

2. Show initiative. If you’re willing to take risks, accept new responsibilities and work a little outside the box in your boring job, you’ll probably be more likely to get a job that you deserve. Showing initiative in menial tasks is also a good way to show your bosses that you’re ready for that step up.

3. Maintain a healthy curiosity about others’ work. Oftentimes, interns will feel like they should concentrate on their own work. While that’s true, it really never hurts to ask your coworkers what they’re working on, offer help and learn from them. Informal work is one of the best ways to get more exciting tasks into your workday.

4. Excel in life. Go above and beyond on your assignments. Turn them in early. Show that you’re worthy of better things. (Also, if you finish boring assignments early, they might run out of them at some point.)

5. Maintain a positive relationship with your boss. If your boss likes and respects you, your boss is less likely to give you intern grunt work and more likely to give you real work (or at least more real work).

6. Ask if there is better work available. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Sometimes, managers aren’t even aware you’re bored at your job. Just make sure that when you ask, you phase it like, “I’m looking for some new kinds of work,” instead of, “I’m better than the work I’m doing.” That can be a very thin line to thread, but it is important your boss knows you’re looking for new work without knowing you’re bored with your current work.

7. Change your attitude. All office work is boring sometimes. If you’re bored at work, take some steps to make your day more exciting. Visit a food truck at lunch. Take some frequent breaks and do some stretches. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy snacks. Get to know your coworkers. Especially if you can’t manage to get better assignments, it’s good to make your day interesting with something other than work.

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Friday Fixat10ns: It’s Hot

Friday Fixat10ns: It’s Hot from thehoya on 8tracks.

It’s been hot out lately. And if you didn’t take our advice by going to get awesome fro-yo and milkshakes, you probably had a very sweaty week. Even though it’s the last day of our heat wave, we’ve got 10 songs for this Friday that celebrate (or at least bear) the heat and humidity.

Vamos a la Playa — Loona I wish I could have gone to la playa this week. But I didn’t. With this song, you’ll be bailando as if you actually were there.

Salt Skin — Ellie Goulding Two reasons I included this song. One — with all of the heat and humidity, everyone’s skin was pretty salty this week. Two — I’ve been occupying myself by reading this book called Salt. It’s about salt. It rocks.

Crooked Teeth — Death Cab for Cutie It was 100 degrees as we sat beneath a willow tree… Seriously, if you’re in this humidity, how could you bear to sit underneath a willow tree at that temperature?

Laredo — Band of Horses If you’ve ever been to Laredo in July, you understand this song’s inclusion on this list. It gets so hot there.

The Swimming Song — Vetiver This song is for those of you lucky ducks who spent the whole week at Volta Pool. Although it would probably be better called “The Tanning Song” if they were actually talking about Volta.

I’m in Miami Bitch — LMFAO This week was hot in more than one way. As a Thunder fan, I offer a very bitter congrats to Miami on their win last night. Maybe the Heat won because you couldn’t find anywhere without heat this week.

Tune Out — The Format The predecessors of Fun. are from Phoenix. So they, more than anyone, are experts on dealing with the heat. Just tune it out.

Fire — JMSN It’s a very small overstatement to call JMSN’s album my favorite of the year so far. This song is awesome.

Haiti — Arcade Fire I’ve been waiting a long time to put this song on a Fixat10ns playlist. This is a perfect time, seeing as it feels like Haiti outside what with all of the tropical humidity.

Hot Like Fire — The xx Need I say anymore?

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Casual Thursday: Vegas Baby

It’s hot out. I know that, you know that, the entire East coast knows that. It can be hard to keep casual when you’re worried about sweating through your shirt, pants, and potentially your shoes, but it is possible.

What’s better on a hot day than a freezing cold popsicle? Answer: nothing. And when you amp it up and stick some booze in that popsicle life gets even better.

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Hot Spots to Cool Off: Ted’s Bulletin

We’re on the back half of the first true heat wave of the summer. But today, with a forecast high of 100, we’re still forced to find some AC to avoid melting in the scorching heat outside. As with every day over 95, we here at 4E want to show you one awesome D.C. spot to escape the heat so you don’t have to turn into a useless, AC-dependent lump.

Today’s spot — Ted’s Bulletin. This is the spot for all you Capitol Hill folks who can brave a sweaty walk from Capitol Hill down to Eastern Market (or a quick Metro ride from Capitol South). But the walk is well worth it for this restaurant, notorious for all-day breakfasts, giant cheeseburgers and — the reason it’s our second Hot Spot to Cool Off — milkshakes. Both with or without alcohol.

Whether you’re looking for a full meal or for a quick (albeit fancy and pricey) milkshake, this is the perfect spot to cool off if you’re near the Hill today. And though we here at 4E appreciate a good “Walk of Shame Breakfast Burrito” (a real menu item — try it, it’s aweosme) at any time of the day (you can order that for dinner), the best reason to visit Ted’s on a day like today is a nice milkshake.

The milkshakes are awesome. (They should be — it’s $6.49 for a normal one and $8.99 for an alcoholic one.) But if any milkshake is worth such prices, this one would be it. Ted’s has 16 flavors of normal milkshakes — from chocolate and vanilla to apple pie and PB&J — so those of us under 21 have plenty to love. But for those lucky enough to be able to order an adult milkshake, this should be your drink of choice on this hot and humid Thursday.

The adult milkshakes are inventive (and, according to some over-21’s near us) were amazing. From the sounds of the menu, our favorite dairy drink concoctions include the Twisted Coconut (rum with flavors of coconut and either Key Lime Pie or Bananas Foster), the Nutty Professor (a peanut butter milkshake with hazelnut liqueur) and the Dirty Girl Scout (like a Thin Mint with peppermint schnapps). Just don’t get too carried away on the alcohol, especially on such a sticky day.

So, instead of heading straight home to the Hilltop after a long day at the Hill, stroll on down to Ted’s and get your Thirsty Thursday started off right — with some breakfast and a great milkshake.

Ted’s Bulletin
505 8th St. SE
Washington, DC
Accessible via Metro Orange/Blue lines or Metrobus 32/36 lines

If the trek over to Eastern Market is too far for you, you can always check out 4E’s other Hot Spots to cool off, like Mr. Yogato in Dupont Circle.

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Summer InternTips: Not Blending into the Other Interns

D.C. in the summer is special for a lot of reasons: the oppressive heat and humidity, the crush of tourists, the litany of outdoor drinking options. But, D.C. in the summer is most definitely most famous for one thing above all else: interns. Every summer, thousands of interns from schools around the country descend on our beloved District for three months of schmoozing with government officials and lobbyists. Those of us here over the summer, however, have an edge on the other interns. Along with living in D.C. year-round, we’ve got friends and connections here. We know how to get around. We don’t have to live in GW dorms for the summer.

But, to our coworkers, we’re the same as every other intern. So, we here at 4E have some tips for those of you whose coworkers put you on the same level as your fellow interns.

1. Be better than the other interns. This shouldn’t really be too hard for you. Use your Georgetown education and treat work during your internship better than you treat your homework. (So, don’t procrastinate.) You are at work to do work. A lot of interns forget that.

2. Do projects right the first time. Make sure that you understand assignments clearly by asking questions and that you are on the right track by consistently staying in contact with your boss or project manager. A lot of interns are afraid to do this, which is their pitfall.

3. Develop a rapport with your boss by getting to know them outside of work with short “water-cooler” conversations. A lot of bosses like to talk about something other than work before actually beginning work. Don’t be afraid to embrace these conversations and let your personality shine through. If your boss only sees you as another intern, rather than a person, you won’t go far this summer.

4. Keep a safe distance between work and home life. A lot of interns are too comfortable sharing their awesome D.C. summer with their bosses. You don’t want to share your drinking habits, hookups and other debauchery with your bosses. A lot of interns forget that.

5. Become a leader for interns. (AKA, become the lady in the photo at the top of this post.) If you’re in an office with a lot of interns, you most likely have people that aren’t familiar with the area in your office. Become an expert on projects so that other interns can ask you questions about them. This can be difficult if you all started at the same time, but if you develop a positive professional and social relationship with the other interns, it should be a breeze.

6. Use your D.C. knowledge to set yourself apart. You’re in a much more familiar environment than most D.C. interns. You know the city. So, be a source of knowledge for other interns in your office and don’t be afraid to name-drop neighborhoods or restaurants that you’ve been to.

7. Avoid the stereotypical intern pitfalls. Try not to seem young, new, inexperienced or unprofessional. A lot of people (maybe not your bosses, but other coworkers) see interns as the dump for bad work. If you avoid those pitfalls, the intern stereotype will change and you’ll get better work.

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Hot Spots to Cool Off: Mr. Yogato

If you can’t already tell by this steamy morning, it’s going to be HOT today. (The Weather Channel is predicting 98.) So, today 4E is inaugurating a new series for the summer: everyday forecast to be 95 and above and we show you a great spot to cool off.

This is going to be the first day over 95 of the summer, so we figured we’d showcase our favorite fro-yo place outside of Georgetown (and it even rivals our local establishments.) And with what we though would be the best place to cool off on this steamiest of Washington days.

Mr. Yogato isn’t so much a fro-yo shop as it is an entertainment experience. You walk in, look at the giant white board on the wall, try your hand at the trivia of the day, the challenge of the day and the voice of the day to see if you can get any discounts. When 4E checked it out, you could order like Butters from South Park, answer a wordplay trivia question or pick 6 countries with a “P” in them what didn’t start with “P” — and for some reason neither Cape Verde nor Sao Tome and Principe counted.

Even though their criteria for what is and isn’t a country needs to be revised significantly, after your trivia or funny voice, you get your hand at four different flavors available each day (though they’ve concocted 25, including pink guava and pear cinnamon) served with your choice of 40 toppings. Regardless of the infinite choices available to you, the fro-yo is excellent — the perfect mixture of tangy, sweet and creamy. After the lengthy ordering process, hang around and play Tetris while watching other customers undergo the torturous process of thinking of 6 countries with a “P” in them that aren’t Sao Tome and Principe or Cape Verde.

Despite the fact that 4E was jipped out of a 5 percent discount, this is the ideal place to avoid the sweat and cool off. Yogato is cool (fro-yo), out of the sun (it’s below street level), fun (we could have ordered our fro-yo like Butters from South Park) and has a hip clientele (it’s on 17th Street!)

Mr. Yogato
1515 17th St. NW
Washington, DC
Accessible via GUTS, Metrobus G2 (the closest bus stop to Yogato from Georgetown), Metro Red Line or Capital Bikeshare (our favorite)

Photo credit: Michelle Cassidy/The Hoya

Name This Tiny Monkey!

Here at 4E we’re pretty partial to baby animals, which is why we appreciate the National Zoo so much. They had a new black howler monkey born on March 22, and now he needs a name. They’re leaving that decision up to us, and are holding a vote to determine what this adorable little primate will be called. Sadly, you can’t suggest your own names, but here are the options:

Sumaq: This name in the Quechua language means “beautiful.” The baby’s golden locks and chocolate brown eyes prompted the keepers to suggest a name befitting a handsome boy.

Orejas: The baby may blend in perfectly with 5-year-old mother Chula’s fur, but one feature (or two) makes him stick out: his large ears. For this reason, keepers chose the name Orejas, a Spanish word meaning “ears.”

Nando: Short for Fernando, “Nando” is a popular name meaning “courageous.” At first, the baby was shy and clung tightly to his mother. In the last few weeks, however, he has grown increasingly independent and active, swinging by his tail and walking from branch to branch. Keepers expect he will become more daring over the next few months.

Loki: “Loki” is the Norse mythological god of mischief. Inquisitive from a young age, the baby howler explores his environment by touching and tasting everything around him. He has even tried to steal mom’s food.

You can vote on a name over at the National Zoo’s Facebook page, the voting period will end on Friday (just in time for this little guy’s three month birthday).

Now if we could just find a pig, we could recreate one of the internet’s favorite moments.

Photo: Mike Crosby/National Zoo