Who Stole the Hands from Healy Clock Tower?

For the first time in years (since 2005 to be exact), the hands have been stolen from Healy Tower. For those not familiar with the tradition, Wikipedia has a helpful summary:

Historically, students would steal the hands and mail them to the Vatican, where they are supposed to be simply stamped ‘return to sender’ and returned to the university. One such incident caused significant damage to the clock mechanism, however, and security has been increased as a result in recent years, decreasing the incidence of the theft. These measures have not prevented students from successfully obtaining the hands however, as they are captured every five to six years.

But the big question remains – who’s responsible for today’s shenanigans? While DPS investigates the situation, we’ve rounded up the usual suspects to see who might have the best motivation to scale the tower.

WGTB They were  the first to report that the clock hands had been stolen, beating both The Hoya the the Voice to the punch. In an effort to earn the recognition they deserve as a campus media outlet, perhaps some rogue WGTB members nabbed the hands and went straight to Twitter.

The Voice Or maybe it was another campus media group – our friendly rivals over at Vox Populi are acting like they don’t know the thieves’ identities, but that could all be a ruse.  Hey Vox, we’ve got our investigative journalism pants on too (they’re a little snug).

DPS Breaking up dorm parties and enforcing GOCard checks in Lau doesn’t make for the most exciting life. They hold the keys to all the buildings on campus, and nobody would question them heading into Healy at odd hours of the night. Who’s to say that DPS didn’t do this themselves to liven up finals season?

The Corp Not ones to shy away from big marketing ploys (I heard something about free slushies? for life??), the Corp could be behind this. We’re just waiting to see what goes up in place of the regular hands – Corp storage boxes? T-Shirts? Slushie machine?

The Tombs Not content to decorate their walls with rowing paraphernalia alone, a few brave Tombs waiters pulled themselves up by their bow ties to grab the hands off of Healy Tower.

Class of 2012 Our most likely culprits. If it’s true, they’re going out in a blaze of glory before graduation that we can only aspire to match. Come forward, brave souls! We would love to shake your hands (and add your names to the Wikipedia page for Healy Hall).

Photo: Michelle Cassidy/The Hoya

Best Bets: The Last Weekend

It’s the last weekend before most of us will be living in Lau studying for finals so we have to go out with a bang, and there is plenty to do this weekend to make sure that happens. See what you can do before study days set in and your biggest adventure is finding a free cubicle.

It’s Georgetown Day so obviously no one will be leaving campus! Take full advantage of all of the hard work that the Georgetown Day Committee has put into planning a great day for everyone! Make sure to stop by Red Square and Healy Lawn at 12:00 p.m. for tons of free food and participate in lawn games on Copley Lawn. Have a fun (and safe!) day!

If you are up for it after Georgetown Day, be apart of the D.C. Challenge: The Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race this Saturday at 1:30 p.m. After you have completed the challenge, enjoy a huge festival at the finish line with food and drinks, live music, and outdoor games. If you need any more incentive, you could win $500 for first place.

Go see local favorites Ted Leo and the Pharmacists this Sunday at the Black Cat, located at 1811 14th St NW. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. and tickets only cost $15! This concert will be a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the release of the band’s album The Tyranny of Distance, and it is sure to be a great time!

Photo: Flickr user ACL Festival

How to Enjoy Georgetown Day, Regardless

The traditional celebration of the last Friday of classes will undoubtedly be a little different this year. But don’t let a few metal barricades security checkpoints get you down – after all, we still have a dunk tank! Here are a few ways to make sure your Georgetown Day is a great one, bag checks be damned.

Explore Sure, in past years the day has been centered around Healy and Copley lawns. Just because there are fences on Copley doesn’t mean there’s no fun, Copley will host tons of activities and performances, so don’t avoid it. And yeah, there’s only water to drink, but staying hydrated is important when you’re day drinking. But you don’t have to be on the lawn all day; the Esplanade is now an alternative, and there are plenty of other spots around campus to hang out.

Pace yourself It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Most people start early, and if you don’t want your night to end before the sun goes down, you should reconsider that 8 a.m. power hour.

Bring a snack Yo, snacks are great. Before you venture outside, stick a couple granola bars or an apple in your fanny pack (also, acquire a fanny pack). You’re going to high five yourself for your foresight in a few hours when everyone else is waiting in a super long line for hamburgers.

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Metro Thief Caught on Tape

For those of you with iPads and/or iPhones, you might want to think twice next time you pull them out the next time you’re on the Metro (unless you’re Daniel Wenger).  Two weeks ago, Wenger, who had just placed his iPad on his lap while riding the metro, had it snatched right out from underneath his fingers. He was able to follow the thief through the closing metro doors and onto the station platform, but not before breaking his arm in the closing doors.

But wait, it gets better. The thief jumped on to the opposite tracks and over the electric third rail. Luckily, someone on the opposite station platform was able to get the Ipad from the thief, and then back to Wenger. If you don’t believe, WUSA 9 news has the video to prove it. Man Tries to Recover Stolen IPad on Metro

Fight for Your Right to Georgetown Day

Since Tuesday’s announcement that Georgetown Day activities would be limited to Copley Lawn and fenced in with metal barricades, there’s been a fairly strong negative reaction from the student body (to say the least).

We’ve seen a new member of the blogosphere, Georgetown Day 2012, an anonymous “second-semester senior with entirely too much time on [his or her] hands,” making a case for the traditional freedoms afforded to the last Friday of classes.

The changes to Georgetown Day have also sparked the triumphant return of the King of Georgetown and a grassroots movement (via Facebook) to relocate the fun to the Leavey Esplanade. Within a few hours of its creation, the event had over 1200 attendees and another 3500 invited – nearly the entire undergraduate student body.

After seeing how quickly the event went viral, its creators (anonymous, and going by the names “Saxa Silence” and “Cura P. Workinggroup”) announced an effort to remind the administrators “that we’re civil, but we believe strongly that Copley Lawn should be open to everyone on Georgetown Day.”

Earlier this year, when administrators announced that Georgetown Day would be scaled back (meaning no beer garden and no bouncy houses), many students were upset. This led to the formation of a student planning group, and the involvement of many student groups with sponsored activities and stations throughout the day (who wants to go to “hat making in Red Square,” with me? Anyone? I’m serious!).

With less than 24 hours left until the big day, we’re interested to see how the administration reacts to the student response. Will there be any changes to the proposed schedule and security? Will all those hired security guards, DPS officers and student volunteers relocate to the Esplanade?

Regardless, stay tuned to 4E – we’ll have some tips and tricks for making the best of whatever Georgetown Day we wind up having. It’s still a celebration, after all!

Photo: quickmeme.com
(Ed note: the Georgetown Hipster features The Hoya’s own Meagan Kelly, former Photo Editor and current author of Grandma Goes to Turkey. We’re very proud of her internet fame)

Where will you be this Saturday?

This weekend is sort of like a choose-your-own-adventure book (remember those?). It starts with a fabulous introduction, in the form of all-out Georgetown Day celebration and the second part is up to you. Will  it  be delightfully preptastic Foxfields or chill times at Sweeetlife?


At this point in the week, you’ve probably already made your decision and that’s the first con against Foxfields.  You can’t just spontaneously decide the morning off that you’d like to engage in a day of garden party style debauchery. Everyone wants to party with a hat on but getting to this Charlottesville shindig requires weeks of preparation.

And let’s be honest, the bus ride is the most important part of the trip so if you’re not with a good group of your friends, it’ll be much less of a fun time.

But the whole premise of Foxfields is still genius. It’s a champagne brunch on wheels to a racetrack full of people all in the same mindset.  I think it’s pretty hard to go wrong with that recipe.

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Georgetown Waterfront – After the Flood

It has been a year since the unfortunate day that the Potomac River flooded the Georgetown waterfront after one of the floodwalls was not raised despite numerous flood warnings. It was a disaster  for many of the restaurants in the area, and while many have recovered and reopened, some businesses are still struggling.

One restaurant, Farmers and Fishers, will remain closed for up to eight more months due to the damage caused by the flooding. Farmers and Fishers may have suffered the most, since an entirely new restaurant is in the process of being built. The restaurant has had to endure property losses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and has lost about $6-7 million in sales.

However, many of the other restaurants, including Tony and Joe’ Seafood Place and Nick’s Riverside Grille, reopened within only a few weeks of the flooding and plan to reopen again this June in remodeled dining spaces. The Mexican restaurant Cabanas will merge with Nick’s. Sequoia, a restaurant that was forced to close for a month after the flooding to repair damages, will reopen again this summer as well.

MRP Realty, owners of the plaza, has been planning a $20 million reconstruction of the space since September 2010. A 12,000 square foot ice rink is slated to be built for use in the winter months in place of the fountain. The plaza’s lower level will hopefully be completed by the end of 2012, and ice rink may open as soon as winter 2013.

File Photo: Meagan Kelly/The Hoya

Hoyas on Screen: “Sound of My Voice”

Who needs Hollywood when you have “Hoyawood”? No, I’m not just talking about the organization on campus. I’m talking about Georgetown alum and director Zal Batmanglij (COL ’01) and writer/star Brit Marling (COL ’05). Try typing their names into Google – they are quite literally the new “it” celebrities.

Their most recent film, “Sound of My Voice”, premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and will be released by Fox Searchlight Pictures this Friday. This psychological thriller follows a journalist and his girlfriend as they investigate a cult whose leaders claims to be from the future. Praising it for the way “it does a lot with a little”, a movie critic gives the film a 3.5/4 stars.

But for me personally, it’s not so much that they’ve been getting fantastic reviews. It’s more of the fact that they’ve been working and filming together for so long. According to Batmanglij, “we entered ‘Lucid Grey’ into the Georgetown festival on April 27, 2001. Now ‘Sound of My Voice’ is opening on April 27, 11 years later. It couldn’t have happened in a more perfectly cinematic way.” 

Well, Hoyas who are aspiring to be directors, actors, producers and all the above, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the private screening of “Sound of My Voice”  tomorrow night. Both Batmanglij and Marling will be present for a Q&A after the screening and they’ll be joined by their fellow alumni filmmaker Mike Cahill (COL ’01), director of “Another Earth” (which also happens to star Marling). Can you say perks of being a Hoya?

When directors and actresses just casually show up to a private screening to meet you. NBD.

(Side note: Apparently Batmanglij’s mom is quite the chef and writer. What a family.)

 Photo: collider.com

The 223 Project: Many Faces, One Georgetown

Today marks the launch of The Hoya’s 223 Project, an effort to capture the spirit of Georgetown through the faces that make up our community.

Georgetown has been around for 223 years now, so we rounded up 223 students, faculty, staff and administrators as they passed through Red Square, took their pictures and asked them to tell us about themselves.

It’s easy to walk through Red Square quickly and avoid eye contact with the strangers that are trying to get your attention (it’s okay, we’ve all done it). But by getting people to slow down for a minute and chat with us, we’ve put together a project that shows just how diverse the Georgetown community is, on many levels.

So take a look at the website to see all 223 faces (and meet the creators!) and learn something about your community. We also have the photos on exhibit: they’re on display on Healy 1 today and in the Leavey Lobby on Wednesday and Thursday.

Photo: thehoya.com


GU Mobile Debuts

This past week at the Hoya Innovation Summit, Georgetown launched its very own mobile web app. Go to m.georgetown.edu on any wireless mobile device, and Georgetown news and info is available right at your fingertips.

Just like any mobile app, Georgetown’s mobile web has an array of awesome and useful features. These range from a directory of students, staff, and faculty, a map to help you get around campus (perfect for visitors and incoming Freshmen), an events calendar, news, dining menus, GUTS bus info and much more.  Finally, all the information you might ever need to know about Georgetown is available on one site.

While all the features are helpful, a few make the site really worthwhile. The directory lists all Georgetown emergency numbers, and you have the option to search any professor’s email address, making contacting them much easier. The dining app includes hours and menus of more than just Leo’s—you now have access to Corp services, Epicurean and dining options in Leavey (no more walking to Cosi only to find it dark and deserted at 7 p.m.

While right now the project is limited to the mobile website, apps for the iPhone and Android are in the works, which will make all this information even easier to access.

Photo: Chris Bien/The Hoya